Child abuse suspect Savile still Vatican knight

This video from Britain is called Exposure – The Other Side of Jimmy Savile | 2012 | Full Documentary.

From Associated Press:

Vatican says it cannot posthumously remove Jimmy Savile’s papal honor; condemns sexual abuse

Saturday, October 27, 6:24 PM

LONDON — The Vatican said Saturday it never would have given Jimmy Savile his papal knighthood had it known of allegations the British TV star was a child sex predator, but that it can’t rescind the honor now that he has died.

The Catholic Church of England wrote to the Holy See last week, asking it to consider whether it could posthumously remove the honor awarded to Savile because of the many recent child sex abuse allegations against him. Savile, a much-loved BBC children’s television host, died last year at age 84. …

Savile was made a Knight Commander of St. Gregory the Great by Pope John Paul II in 1990 for his charity work. He was also knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his services to charity and entertainment.

But police now believe Savile to be one of the most prolific sex offenders in Britain in recent history, with a “staggering number” of people reporting abuses by him after his death.

Some 300 potential victims have come forward with abuse allegations, police said. Most of them say they were abused by Savile, but some say they were abused by other people, Metropolitan Police said Friday.

See also here.

26 thoughts on “Child abuse suspect Savile still Vatican knight

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    • The Roman Catholic Church in England asked them to remove Savile. The Vatican claims they can’t. Probably, there are canon law specialists in the Roman Catholic Church in England. It seems a bit strange that they would ask something from the Vatican which they supposedly knew would be impossible. So, the rules seems to be more ambiguous than the Vatican claims now.


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