Jewish Swiss author Charles Lewinsky on anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

This video shows authors Charles Lewinsky and Ad van Liempt at Writers Unlimited ‘The Series’ (7 May 2013). Both authors have written on nazi persecution during World War II.

Swiss author Charles Lewinsky has written the novel Melnitz.

The novel is on anti-Semitism in Switzerland, 1871-1933.

In an interview with Dutch daily Metro, paper edition, 5 November 2007, page 8, titled ‘Antisemieten hebben de joden nodig [Anti-Semites need the Jews]’, the interviewer asked Lewinsky (translated):

In your book, you mention the anti ritual slaughter law. That was really made [in Switzerland then].

[Lewinsky:] That law was very specifically intended to be against the Jews. However, it was not publicized that way. Supposedly, it was an animal welfare law, which made it more difficult to resist.

That proposal became law, because [in a referendum] the majority of the people got the possibility to vent their prejudices without explicitly speaking out about them.

Today, everywhere Islam is seen as suspect. Never ever it is an individual, always it supposedly is a group. In German , they call that “ein Generalverdacht” [a whole group made to look suspect].

Up to 8,000 people in the French-speaking part of Switzerland took to the streets on Tuesday evening to protest against the minaret ban. A march in Lausanne attracted up to 5,000 supporters, while a demonstration in Geneva was attended by more than 2,000 people, with smaller protests taking place in other towns: here.

All The European Countries Where Kosher and Halal Meat Production Are Now Forbidden. January 7, 2019, by Shira Feder.

30 thoughts on “Jewish Swiss author Charles Lewinsky on anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

  1. Thank you for your comment. If you want to thank someone for the “broad perspective” in this blog post, then it should be Charles Lewinsky; not me. However, if you mean this weblog as a whole, then thank you very much; and best wishes for you in Switzerland.


  2. Mr. Lewinsky, my wife is reading your book Melnitz in its Hebrew translation. I am trying to obtain the book in an English translation and it seems that it has not been translated. Could you kindly inform me if it will be translated and if so, when will it be available? Kind regards
    Shalom Thein


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  5. I read the book Het lot van de familie Meijer, in Dutch, because although living in New Zealand, it is still my Mother tongue, but would love to share the book with my bookclub friends.
    Can we expect an English version in the not too distant future?


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