13 thoughts on “Facebook censors British strike news

  1. I’m actually involved in a lot of labor stuff through facebook. That doesn’t mean that I’m foolish enough to believe that facebook is always neutral or disinterested. It’s easy to block a facebook group or a blogger site. Just have a few people flag them for objectionable content. There are people trying to set up explicitly pro-labor social networking sights like Laborbook but they don’t lend themselves to other social pursuits. Laborbook is mostly for paid union officers and staff with almost no input from rank and filers. The good thing about facebook is that it allows me to post across various social boundaries so that I can reach music friends, labor friends, leftist friends, work mates, others who work in my industry. Blogging puts me in touch with maybe a couple of dozen people. Facebook dramatically increases the number of people I talk to. Also, I have made real world friends through facebook. People who share my interests. It’s true that I can’t discuss things in as much depth on facebook, at least not initially, but facebook is generating real time discussion and further face to face meetings.
    So, are we being spied on? Yes, of course. It’s hard not to describe the United States as an extremely well run police state. That doesn’t mean I feel compelled to be silent. People still speak up here. If anything is going to change our current system it will be something the cops and bosses didn’t expect. Maybe we should wait for a genius to come along and organize all that in secret, using one on one contacts, or maybe we can seek out every possible means to talk to one another and see if that larger discussion doesn’t produce something unexpected. The cops are looking for something predictable. The saying is, “every army is preparing to fight the last war”. They find it difficult to prepare for the next war. Let them feel comfortable using their computers to search for keywords they already know. We are trying to invent words they’ve never heard.
    There have been two very good science fiction novels written in the past few years by Cory Doctorow. They were aimed at young adults who grew up using technology to communicate. The first, “Little Brother” is essentially a guide to bypassing security systems and generating your own codes and security systems. The young people in the novel use technology to hack and disrupt the high tech police state. The follow up novel, “For The Win” is about an international, multilingual, high-tech union organizing drive that is led by young people who use multi player gaming networks and readily available technology like smart phones to reach deep into the gigantic manufacturing plants of china and the wretched recycling factories of India.
    OK, that was too wordy but I’m tired and its’ hard to be concise when I’m tired. I have a difficult part time job now. Even though it is only two days a week it eats up a lot energy. I need the money and it has it’s good points, in that I am being forced to learn new things but it leaves me tired the other days of the week. I need time to take care of my health and to maintain contact with my friends. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging. I still read your posts on my newsfeed every day. All the best


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