Facebook boss anti-privacy, pro-censorship

This 11 April 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Amid Privacy Scandal, Is Facebook Profiting off Data from Children & Teens?

During Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s 5-hour testimony to lawmakers Tuesday about the massive privacy scandal enveloping the platform, lawmakers also questioned him about Facebook’s increasing effort to market the platform to children. For more, we speak with Josh Golin, executive director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. The group has launched a campaign to end Facebook Messenger Kids.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Thursday, April 12, 2018

United States Facebook boss refuses to commit to protect data privacy

FACEBOOK boss Mark Zuckerberg refused to give a commitment to protect the data privacy of the social media website’s users during an appearance in the US Congress yesterday.

In a tense second day of testimony, Mr Zuckerberg read the same opening statement as he had at the previous day’s hearing, claiming that British political consultancy Cambridge Analytica had “misused” Facebook users’ data, despite the company’s terms of service appearing to give him the right to share, sell and transfer the details.

He refused to pledge to change all users’ default privacy settings to collect the minimum amount of personal data, claiming it was “a complex issue.” …

The billionaire was accused of sticking to a prepared script as he faced further grilling from 44 US senators over the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

In Tuesday’s marathon five-hour session, Mr Zuckerberg vowed to fight election meddling, while seeking to blame Russia for an online propaganda war.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg used his appearance Tuesday before the Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees to outline a plan for mass censorship on the world’s largest social media platform. Zuckerberg explained how every single statement made by the company’s 2.2 billion users is analyzed and vetted by artificial intelligence systems, then reviewed by an army of some 20,000 censors. If the company finds a statement to be “sensational” or “divisive”, the user will be flagged as a “bad actor”, and either have their posts blocked, be reported to the government, or both: here.

And here’s what you learn when you download the information Facebook has on you.

HAVEN’T SIGNED UP FOR FACEBOOK? Don’t worry, they may still have all sorts of data on you. [Reuters]

Facebook, the world’s largest social media company, spelled out for the first time the criteria it uses to censor speech on its platform, purely at its own discretion, and with no legal oversight or recourse: here.

MARK ZUCKERBERG SAYS FACEBOOK WILL START RANKING NEWS ORGANIZATIONS BY TRUSTWORTHINESS Which will determine placement in the news feed. What could go wrong? [HuffPost]

THE WHATSAPP FOUNDER IS LEAVING FACEBOOK Over “Facebook’s attempts to weaken WhatsApp’s encryption and its desire to collect and use more WhatsApp users’ personal data.” [HuffPost]

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