Facebook censors burn injuries survivor

Burn injuries survivor, censored by Facebook

The translation from Dutch of this picture says:

Collection 9/15 October

`Thanks to your small change I am still alive`. Kim

Dutch burn injuries foundation

Recently, Facebook censored a photo of a burn injuries survivor. The famous photo showed then little Vietnamese girl Kim Phuc, very badly burned by the napalm of the United States Pentagon’s war in Vietnam. Facebook censored even the (conservative) Prime Minister of Norway because of that photo.

In the case of Kim Phuc, Facebook used the pretext that the napalm survivor was pictured while naked.

However, sometimes Facebook does not need a pretext like that for its banning policies. Like in this new case, about another Kim.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Facebook refuses ad with picture of burn victim

Today, 18:43

Facebook has banned an ad from the Burns Foundation picturing a burns victim. Images that display a body as perfect or quite the contrary, undesirable, are not allowed according to the rules of the company.

The Burns Foundation has tried to get in touch with Facebook, but that did not work. “I immediately sent you a message asking whether you really mean that Kim has an undesirable body type. 0 responses,” writes an employee in an open letter to Facebook [boss Mark Zuckerberg]. …


The advertisement is an announcement of the upcoming collection. “The collection today is still extremely important for the training of burn nurses and aftercare, prevention and research,” the employee wrote.

According to regional broadcaster NH the woman [Kim] shown in the ad was shocked when she saw that the campaign had been banned. “It just hit me hard, but later I only found it ridiculous,” she says.

‘FACEBOOK LETS ADVERTISERS EXCLUDE USERS BY RACE’ “Imagine if, during the Jim Crow era, a newspaper offered advertisers the option of placing ads only in copies that went to white readers. That’s basically what Facebook is doing nowadays.” [ProPublica]

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