‘Iranian propaganda’ censored, Saudi propaganda welcome on Facebook

This video from the USA says about itself:

Facebook Purges “Inauthentic” Left Wing Political Accounts

1 August 2018

Facebook deletes dozens of “inauthentic” left-leaning accounts and pages, yet the so-called “free speech absolutists” on the right have nothing to say.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Facebook and Twitter have banned hundreds of accounts because they were claimed to spread fake news and propaganda. Most accounts were located in Iran and Russia. Facebook took 652 pages offline, Twitter did the same with 284 accounts.

Social media companies received a tip from cyber security company FireEye that the accounts spread Iranian propaganda in, eg, the United States and Great Britain.

Twitter says that it was about coordinated attempts to influence public opinion, but according to FireEye, it was not specifically aimed at the elections held in the USA later this year.

So, alleged ‘Iranian propaganda’ censored. Meanwhile, Holocaust denial and other neonazism is welcome on Facebook ‘to influence public opinion’. Propaganda for the genocidal regime in Myanmar is welcome on Facebook. As the United States government sees that regime as an ally; unlike Iran, upon which Donald Trump intends to wage war. Meanwhile, propaganda for the regime in Saudi Arabia, killing its own people, killing Bahraini civilians and massively killing Yemeni children and other civilians with British and United States bombs, is welcome on corporate social media. Not just on corporate social media; also on other corporate media, including the ‘liberal’ New York Times. As the Saudi regime is an ally of both Donald Trump and of the corporate Clintonist wing of the United States Democratic party. Meanwhile, Donald Trump himself and his supporters are very welcome to spread propaganda on corporate social media.

Meanwhile, Facebook and other corporate social media massively censor leftist accounts, for opposing wars, for opposing neonazis, etc.

In the days of Stalin in the Soviet Union, people were prosecuted for ‘anti-Soviet propaganda’. That was interpreted very widely. Is the self-styled ‘free world’ moving in a similar direction?

2 February 2019: Facebook again removes hundreds of ‘Iranian’ accounts, eg, on the Saudi war on Yemen: here.

23 thoughts on “‘Iranian propaganda’ censored, Saudi propaganda welcome on Facebook

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  16. A quick break from the campaign updates for an important call to action on Iran.

    The truth is that when it comes to Iran, we have a president intent on war, an impatient administration, and public presented with a false choice.

    Make no mistake: President Trump and his cadre of hawkish and reckless advisors are inching us closer to an illegal war each day — illegal because the Constitution entrusts the Congress as the branch of government solely responsible for declaring war. Yet, for too long and in too many instances, they have abdicated that responsibility.

    No more.

    That’s why a group of senators have crafted legislation (S. 3157), introduced recently, to restore Congressional war powers and restrict any funds from being spent on an unconstitutional attack on Iran.

    It deserves your support.

    Sign VoteVets’ petition calling on Congress to pass legislation to restore Congressional war powers and restrict any funds from being spent on an unconstitutional attack on Iran.

    Unless we demand that Congress act immediately and decisively to block the president’s path to war, we will be doomed to repeat the terrible mistakes of our past – and yet again, we will all pay the price.

    – Major General (ret.) Paul Eaton


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