German taxpayers paying three times more for wars?

John Heartfield photomontage on guns instead of butter in nazi Germany

Comment from Madame Pickwick Art Blog on this ‘guns or butter’ picture, with as its caption title ‘Hurrah, the butter is gone!’:

This work is Heartfield’s most famous, it is the climax of the artist’s mastery of the genre. A German family is depicted eating various parts of a bicycle, with Hitler’s portrait and swastika wallpaper in the background. The quote is from Hermann Göring, and it reads: “Iron has always made a nation strong, butter and lard have only made the people fat”. In his work, Heartfield parodied the style of Nazi propaganda posters to criticize the regime. Heartfield’s work was of course a type of propaganda in itself, but his work expressed the discontent of the opposition in Germany.

Apparently, the present British government, buying 600 new tanks, has not learned from Heartfield.

Neither, it seems, has the government of Heartfield’s country of birth, Germany. They already increased spending on militarism last year.

Now, even more of that threatens.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Merkel wants more money for defense

When will mainstream lamestream media like NOS and so many others at last stop using that sick euphemism ‘defense’ when militarism and wars are meant?

Not any enemy country’s army is on the verge of conquering Berlin and arresting Ms Merkel.

While soldiers of Germany and other NATO countries fight bloody wars in Africa and the Middle East.

These wars are about neocolonialism (like a German president sacked for being honest about the Afghan war admitted); not about ‘defense’ of Germany or other NATO countries.

These neocolonial wars, like in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya, caused the birth and expansion of organisations like al-Qaeda and ISIS. They increase the possibilities of terrorist ‘blowback‘ in NATO member countries. And billions of euros more, millions of soldiers more, more and bigger weapons including nuclear weapons, and yet more attacks on civil liberties are all useless in stopping atrocities like in Brussels.

Today, 03:43

Chancellor Merkel wants Germany to spend significantly more money on defense. This is necessary to protect the EU against “external threats,” she says.

The European Union, according to Merkel, in its current state is not able to defend himself.

The European Union does have its own Military Staff. Does Ms Merkel want to expand it with more Greek Golden Dawn nazi generals, like General Georgios Epitideios who used to be its commander and is now a Golden Dawn member of the European parliament?

The EU member states should stop relying on friendship with the United States.

Meaning, sometimes also starting and waging war in Africa, the Middle East or elsewhere in the Third World for European Big Business profits, if United States Big Business and/or the Pentagon for some reason may be not enthusiastic about starting and waging that war?

Germany spends 1.2 percent of its gross national product on defense. According to Merkel, it is necessary that the percentage should get closer to the United States percentage: 3.4 percent on defense.

So, about three times as much as now. Meanwhile, education, solving grave environmental problems, poor people, in general the interests of German civilians, would suffer even more than now from ‘austerity‘. As more and more money would go to war, the official lie of ‘There is no money’ for everything else would be screamed louder and louder.

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