Syrian war refugee attacked by Greek nazis

This video from Canada says about itself:

Golden Dawn Neo Nazi Scum Coming To A Country Near You

Nov 15, 2012

So many people supporting the Golden Dawn neo nazis from countries far and wide. I guess there are retards in every country that go around supporting people that only talk about juntas and idolizing right-wing dictators like the Golden Dawn party

Syrian refugees flee from terrible war. They flee, to, eg, Greece. They may fear governmental violence. Or they may fear the violence of cannibalistic fake ‘freedom fighters’, financed by the CIA, and/or the emir of Qatar, or one of the torturing princes and princesses of the kingdom of Bahrain.

And then, in Greece, comes the violence of Golden Dawn. Holocaust-denying, Hitler songs singing nazis, with their violence against Afghan refugee teenagers, against twelve-year-old girls, against Leftist women, etc. etc.

From I Can’t Relax in Greece blog:

He got beaten in Attica Square because he said he is from Syria


Before the shock from the racist attack against the 14-year-old Afghan subsided, a new racist attack was recorded. It took place … Tuesday and the victim this time was a 20-year-old Syrian in Attica Square.

According to Médecins du Monde, the young man was attacked as he was exiting the underground station of Attica Square. He was approached by five men dressed in black, they asked him where he is from and then beat him violently.

After the attack the 20-year-old was taken by some compatriots of his to the surgery of ‘Doctors of the world’ [Médecins du Monde] at Koumoundourou Square to receive first aid treatment.

[Translated from ‘Ethnos’ newspaper, 15/05/2013, found online at:]

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