Polish nazi band’s concerts cancelled

This video from Wales says about itself:

Cardiff venue apologises after booking band accused of being Neo-Nazis

25 May 2018

They described themselves as “the soundtrack to genocide

A popular Cardiff venue has issued an apology after unwittingly booking a band accused of being Neo-Nazis. As BBC News reports, his week saw Polish band Infernal War perform at The Globe on Tuesday. However, the band have been accused of having a “sick fascination with Nazi atrocities”. Their remaining UK tour dates have been cancelled. “Unfortunately it’s come to our attention that Infernal War, a touring support act on the Marduk show at The Globe earlier this week, are alleged to have links to, or share neo-Nazi and fascist beliefs”, said a spokesman from The Globe. “As a venue we pride ourselves on creating a safe space for artists.”

Wales: Cardiff venue apologises for ‘neo-Nazi’ Infernal War gig: here.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Concert venues cancel performances by Polish neo-Nazi band

Pop music venues 013 in Tilburg and P60 in Amstelveen have canceled performances by the Polish black metal band Infernal War. According to the venues, they were informed yesterday about statements by the band that they can not support. Infernal War calls their music “the soundtrack of genocide” and is said to have a fascination for the Nazis’ crimes.

The group was initially called Quintus and later renamed Infernal SS, a clear reference to the SS, the nazi elite units. The lead singer has the stage name Herr Warcrimer and one of the guitarists is called Zyklon, a reference to the gas zyklon B that was used in the gas chambers. The promotional shirt says “Pure Elite Aryan Terror”, which refers to the Aryan ideas of the nazis.

The band itself denies the connection with Nazi ideas. However, the singer of the band is a Holocaust denier. In an interview he called the Holocaust a myth. Although he said he did not rule out deaths of Jews in the concentration camps, he found the death toll of six million “ridiculous.” …

Infernal War has also been withdrawn from concerts this week in the United Kingdom.

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