Greek nazis threaten New York movie audience

This video from the USA says about itself:

28 Feb 2013

Trailer for the documentary Greek American Radicals.

Visit www.greek american

From dawnofthegreeks blog in Greece:

Golden Dawn disrupts New York film event

Posted on May 27, 2013

Last Saturday four Golden Dawn neo-nazis entered at the cultural center “Stathakio” located in Astoria – New York at a documentary film screening concerning Greek-migrants radicalism in the States and attempted to intervene in the post-film discussion using a megaphone but were ousted by the event organisers, shouting ‘Commies, you will die!’ on their way out. The neonazis in New York are trying to attract some attention by using the same tactics as the neo-nazis in Greece. The film presents the story of a Greek migrant in the States.

More about this, in Greek, is here.

Meanwhile, in Greece itself, also from dawnofthegreeksblog:

Antifascists in Chania shut down fascist food handout

May 27, 2013

A huge antifascist demonstration has been organized by left-wing and anarchist groups last Saturday in Chania (Crete Island). The racist “Greeks only” food handout of the neonazis was cancelled according the Greek website “”, shortly after the mobilization of the antifascists took to the streets. The participants according the same website, were actually focused on the counter-information of the local society of the city concerning the neo-nazi party activities and its ideological background. They were shouting slogans as well as tried to make a comparison of Golden Dawn with the nazi national socialist party.

More about this,in Greek, is here.

Here is a video about this.

Photos: Antifascists and residents protest in Argalasti (Pilio) near Volos against Golden Dawn: here.

15 thoughts on “Greek nazis threaten New York movie audience

  1. Coalition debates anti-racist law

    Monday 27 May 2013

    Greece: The coalition government met today to resolve its ongoing disagreement over a proposed anti-racism law.

    The majority conservatives are at odds with their centre-left partners over the law, which aims to criminalise incitement to commit acts of racial violence and denial of nazi war crimes.

    Deputy Interior Minister Haralambos Athanasiou claimed that the government’s commitment to combat racism doesn’t require new legislation, merely amendments to existing laws.


    • The scheduled meeting this evening of the three parties who are supporting the government ends without an agreement. Exiting the Maximos Mansion the leaders of Pasok and democratic left party told journalists that they had unsuccessfully requested from the pri-minister Antonis Samaras the submission of the antiracism bill in the parliament. The government coalition is in open disagreement, probably because the conservative, most influential party of the government “New Democracy” is openly flirting with the far right and are afraid of loosing voters from antiracism bill. The smaller government’s partners, Pasok and Democratic Left announced that they support the minister of Justice Antonis Roupakiotis and will immediately proceed the submission of antiracism bill in the parliament even without the support of pri minister Antonis Samaras.


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