34 thoughts on “Spanish ex-IMF boss arrested for money laundering

  1. It isn’t just Spain, unfortunately, this is happening all over the world.
    Most governments have set themselves up like CEO’s of multinationals. Since their polictical campaigns are financed by the multinationals they’ve acquired the same mentality. All our tax dollars do is pay the inflated wages, expenses and pensions of the politicians and there is nothing left to carry on the business of government.


  2. The ABC Breakfast TV show on for about 3 hours do not seem to pick up on what this article is on about in regard to the IMF, scandals, it is supposed to give the general public information on what is going on in the world, in fact this program is highly repetitious in news, and the presenters who are well versed in chuckles and puns as if the presenters have to be of great mirth even though they may be presenting news of hundreds dying at sea, having to remember their salaries of say Virginia Trioli, almost a staggering quarter of a million dollars PA, have to put on their humorous best as their job requires a non critical stance other than what in politically correct as being directed as safe.
    The Australian viewers now lulled in to a false sense of security to face another drab day at work to pay for the most expensive real estate in the world, having myself come from London here, had no idea that within my life time Aboriginals were still being hunted down that I was blissfully unaware, if you have any sensitivity left by the time you have been processed by the system you will feel the history of the low outcasts in the formation of this continent and the moral unease of those here, added to this I was jerked out of my despondency as I listened to the dreary sermons of the ABC, as having the highest cost of living in the world, living in rural Australia, the consumption of alcohol and illicit drugs is rife, the consumption of drugs is always hiding the agenda of what is going on, you do not talk about the stuff of life, you have to talk weather, when in London, the conversation was to some extent philosophical in particular the war which was two fold, those who never spoke about it as being taboo and those who started to think what is it about? here having no war and its destructive outcome, this makes those who endured the blitz started on a road few Australians comprehend.


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