Shell grab at Libyan oil

This video is called Libya’s Oil to be Exploited by the West.

From Reuters:

Shell execs in Tripoli discuss Libya return

TRIPOLI | Wed Oct 5, 2011 12:48pm EDT

Executives from Royal Dutch Shell held talks with Libya‘s National Oil Corporation (NOC) in Tripoli on Wednesday, a source said, as more majors return to the war-torn country to grasp new opportunities and make sure old deals are valid.

“There were discussions about the procedures to come back to Libya,” said a source in Libya with direct knowledge of the meeting.

Shell confirmed it held talks with NOC in Tripoli.

“Meetings will be focused on exploring cooperation opportunities for the two companies in the immediate future,” a Shell spokesman said.

The source in Libya said the two sides discussed questions over visas and immigration for staff and added that all pre-war commitments between Shell and the NOC would be honored.

Britain was among the first countries to support an uprising against Libya’s previous leader Muammar Gaddafi and industry analysts have said the major might seek to expand its modest involvement in Libya‘s oil sector under the new rulers.

Apart from Shell, BP and trading house Vitol were often cited as potential beneficiaries of Britain’s involvement.

Dead Libyan civilians? Who cares, says NATO. We don’t need any bad metrics preventing further wars, right? Here.

Nato hit eight targets in Libya on Wednesday: here.

Libya chaos: ‘Anti-Gaddafi fighters loot, burn homes In Sirte’: here.

NATO Rejects Every Attempt Made to Declare a Ceasefire in Libya: here.

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