Libya war goes on

This video from the USA is called New Yorkers protest war in Libya.

Following the first day of the NATO summit in Berlin, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen was forced to concede that, despite his plea for increased participation in the NATO operation against Libya, no firm pledges had been made: here.

The absolute monarchy Qatar helps to invade the monarchical dictatorship Bahrain for bloody oppression of democratic opposition. Qatar also breaches the UN arms embargo against Libya by supplying rebels with ‘Milan’ anti-tank missiles, supposedly to help democracy.

Moscow predicted today that the Western triumvirate leading the charge for regime change in Libya may try to justify a land invasion by insisting that humanitarian aid needs to be guarded by a Nato ground force: here.

THE United Nations refugee agency pleaded with Western donor states today to stump up hundreds of millions of pounds for tens of thousands of civilians who are bearing the brunt of the Nato war on Libya: here.

Britain: David Cameron faced demands from his own MPs to recall Parliament today after Nato leaders admitted that the Libya war is being fought for regime change – illegal under international law: here.

MPs demanding recall of Parliament to discuss Britain’s military role in Libya are 100 per cent correct: here.

Whoever came up with the codename Odyssey Dawn for the bombing of Libya clearly didn’t have an eye on the classics. The Odyssey, of course, tells the story of Odysseus’s journey across the Mediterranean to return home following the sacking of Troy: here.

USA: Donald Trump on Libya: ‘I would take the oil’: here.

Britain: The coalition government has agreed to hand over millions in emergency “back door” funding for operations in Libya, amid signs that it is backpedaling on planned military spending cuts: here.

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