Scientology offshoot ‘Avatar’ in Dutch education

This January 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Interview with Margie (Part 1) – Ex-Scientology / Avatar | The Origins of the Avatar Course

Interview with Margie re. the origins of the Avatar Course.

For 12 years, Margie was a model Scientologist. She was a teacher, recruiter and third in command for a period of time at Harry Palmer’s Center for Creative Learning in Elmira, formerly the Elmira Mission of the Church of Scientology.

In this interview Margie discusses her story, including:

– Why she got into Scientology.

– What it was like being a staff member.

– Her relationship with Harry and Avra [Honey-Smith; Avatar co-leader].

– The transition from Scientology to Avatar.

– What really happened in Elmira; and,

– Her process in “waking up” and leaving.

Margie’s intention is not to harm or slam Harry or Avra. It is to expose her truth, her experiences and to bring to light the true origins of the Avatar Course.

This video is the sequel.

This blog post is about Avatar. No, I don’t mean the small images like this one which many WordPress bloggers use. I also don’t mean the film. And I don’t mean the original sense of the word, in Hindu theology about a god’s manifestation on earth, either.

This is about a cult-like offshoot of Scientology, a corporation also calling itself Star’s Edge International.

From today:

Personal development sect Avatar ‘infiltrates’ Dutch schools: media

A sect similar to Scientology is infiltrating the Dutch school system and may run as many as six private schools in the Netherlands, according to research by the NRC [daily] and current affairs show De Monitor.

They claim several so-called ‘democratic schools’, including the Guus Kieft School in Amstelveen, are run o[n] Avatar principles. The schools are privately funded and often take in pupils who, for one reason or another, fail to thrive in the regular school system.

Avatar is similar to Scientology, which has been accused of brainwashing and manipulation. Invented in the USA by former Scientology member Harry Palmer, the members of the sect adhere to a mixture of Scientology, Hinduism and New Age, and believe the earth was colonised by aliens.

However, the NRC writes, Avatar also advocates such controversial techniques as exorcism to cure cancer and ADHD. De Monitor said the management board of the oldest and largest Dutch [so called] democratic school, De Ruimte in Soest, includes six Avatars and parents are encouraged to do Avatar training courses.

‘Our experience is that Avatar brainwashing is very evident there’, one mother who took her children out of the school is quoted as saying. The school has denied the accusation.


Earlier this month the NRC revealed that three local councillors, who have the status of Wizard in the organisation have been promoting Avatar by sending civil servants on Avatar courses. According to the paper there are some 1,600 Avatar trainers in the Netherlands. The local council footed the bill which may be as high as €15,000, the paper said.

Sektesignaal, an organisation set up by the justice ministry to monitor sectarian [cult] activity, has asked the education minister to look into the matter. The De Monitor report will be broadcast on Tuesday evening.

Dutch NOS TV reports today that Avatar admits their courses cost €15,000.

Dutch daily De Volkskrant on this: here.

‘Wizards of cult-like group Avatar infiltrate democratic schools’: from daily Algemeen Dagblad.

‘Wizards’ … reminding me of ‘imperial wizards‘ of the Ku Klux Klan.

Avatar in Belgium: here.

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