Blackwater boss Prince and Trump’s Iran war plans

This video from the USA says about itself:

Erik Prince and the Case for Active, Documented Collusion Against Iran

2 June 2018

Jeremy Scahill breaks down the Trump Tower meeting Blackwater founder Erik Prince [the brother of Trump’s Secretary of Miseducation, Betsy DeVos] set up with a representative of the Saudi and Emirati royals and an Israeli who runs propaganda and media manipulation operations.

There is one major common link that runs through the agenda of all the participants in this Trump Tower meeting, and it is one which has gotten very little attention. And that is their shared hatred of Iran and their desire for regime change.

We shouldn’t force everything into the box of Russia, Russia, Russia, especially when the evidence is so overwhelming that there are also motives relating to Iran that may explain part of the agenda that these nations and Erik Prince were pushing when they embarked on a campaign to secretly support Donald Trump’s election.

TRUMP POSTS INCENDIARY IRAN THREAT President Donald Trump has posted a tweet threatening Tehran and warning Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani against using “demented words of violence and death” toward the United States. The all-caps rant concluded: “BE CAUTIOUS.” [HuffPost]

Iran’s communists condemn Rouhani and Trump’s Twitter spat. The Tudeh Party of Iran says both ‘deceitful leaders’ would‘ lie to their people to stay in power and pursue their own narrow interests’: here.

Beloit College students protest speech by Blackwater founder Erik Prince, prompting cancellation: here.

23 thoughts on “Blackwater boss Prince and Trump’s Iran war plans

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