USA: movie on Amway. Corporation and/or cult?

Amway cartoon

Associated Press reports:

LANSING – 09/21/06–The writer-director of an independent movie razzing direct sales companies such as Amway didn’t realize when he was finishing up his film that former Amway President Dick DeVos was running for governor. …

The movie [“Believe“] was shot in 2004, a year before DeVos began running for governor.

Filmmaker Loki Mulholland says it shows the pitfalls of multi-level marketing companies.

Multi-level marketing is often called, uncharitably, pyramid or Ponzi schemes.

Amway is often considered to be cult-like as well as a multinational corporation.

This video from the USA is the trailer of the movie Believe. It says about itself:

13 September 2006

The theatrical trailer for the hilarious comedy about Multilevel Marketing. Coming to exclusive theatres nationwide in Oct. 2006.


12 thoughts on “USA: movie on Amway. Corporation and/or cult?

    A scam artist whose name defined a crime

    By Tom Ehrenfeld, [Boston] Globe Correspondent | March 6, 2005

    While today’s news may contain tales of financial crooks, how many can boast of a crime so colorful and so dramatic that a whole class of criminal activities carries their name?

    Case in point: the notorious Charles Ponzi, a businessman cum felon who today has become such an icon that his name serves as a description for any type of pyramid scam.

    In his charming book, ”Ponzi’s Scheme: The True Story of a Financial Legend,” former Globe reporter Mitchell Zuckoff vividly recounts the story of Charles Ponzi, an Italian immigrant whose ambition and imagination were exceeded only by his illusions about achieving his goals.

    In 1920 he created a public sensation in Boston by promising investors a whopping 50 percent return on their investment in a mere 45 days.


  2. Amway sues to ID bloggers
    Saturday, October 13, 2007
    By Chris Knape
    The Grand Rapids Press

    GRAND HAVEN — The case could be called Amway versus the Internet, or some might argue, Amway versus free speech.

    The Ada Township-based multi-level marketing giant this week filed a sweeping suit in Ottawa County Circuit Court against 30 people classified as John Does for disparaging the company in blogs, online forums and YouTube videos.

    The suit, filed by Quixtar, the online version of Alticor Inc.’s Amway business, asks the court for an injunction and damages of more than $25,000 against the anonymous posters.

    The company is planning to ask the court to approve subpoenas of companies ranging from to YouTube to figure out who posted the materials, said spokesman Rob Zeiger.

    The company believes the videos and other postings are part of an organized effort by former distributors, including Orrin Woodward, of Grand Blanc, under court order not to disparage the company or disclose proprietary information.

    “Quixtar has attempted to identify the various defendants by reviewing the offending Web sites, blogs and videos,” according to the suit.

    “Due to the policies of the Internet service providers, which host the various Web sites, blogs and videos, Quixtar has been unable to identify the responsible parties.”

    The postings referenced in the suit include videos, such as one by someone calling himself “Hooded Angry Man” where an unidentifiable man wearing a “Property of Quixtar” shirt rants about Quixtar rules and its history.

    In the YouTube video “Shameus McSteeley: Quixtar vs. Meijer,” a man with a fake Irish accent compares prices of products available at Meijer with much higher-priced Quixtar products.

    His face isn’t shown in the video.


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