7 thoughts on “Bahrain kangaroo court trials

  1. Bahraini authorities deport construction workers for striking

    On June 21, 40 construction workers had their contracts terminated for taking part in an unofficial strike and are to be deported.

    The Trade Arabia News Service (TANS) said the workers “were among 300 Asian workers who took part in the strike that started Saturday to demand pay rises.

    “The other workers are expected to go back to their countries within this week.”

    TANS’ sister paper, the Gulf Daily News, reported that “disciplinary action would be taken against the workers for going on an illegal strike.”

    “The workers from India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh claimed they received salaries ranging between BD65 ($172.40) to BD85, which they said was not enough to survive. They also claimed they don’t save enough to send to their families back home,” reported TANS.

    One of the workers, who was due to leave the country that night, said, “We went to the ministry, but no one from the company or embassies came. We waited for a long time and a ministry official said they would take action against us if we didn’t leave the offices.

    “He also said our demands are illegal and we could face prosecution and be jailed if we didn’t agree to what the company is telling us. We agreed and returned to the accommodation to pack our luggage to go home. We didn’t do anything, except ask for our rights. Now 20 workers are leaving and the rest will go within this week, based on availability of flights.”

    The ruling elite recently enacted a wave of repression against workers across Bahrain for their part in the protests and demonstrations inspired by the uprisings in the region.



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