Ramonas, Charlie Harper live music video

This 30 November 2017 music video from England says about itself:

The Ramonas – Tearaway featuring Charlie Harper (live in Lewes)

The Ramonas play covers of their inspiration, the Ramones, but they play their own songs as well. Here, with Charlie Harper on harmonica.

Charlie Harper is the singer and founder of the UK Subs, one of the first British punk bands. Started in 1976 and still playing.

Before playing punk rock, Charlie Harper played pub rock, basically 1960s United States style rhythm and blues covers. That Charlie plays harmonica in this video is a nod to his early 1970s past, as the harmonica is more a rhythm and blues than a punk rock instrument.

Some people in what became 999 and Joe Strummer made similar moves toward punk rock then. When Strummer saw the Sex Pistols playing as support band for his pub rock band, he changed direction and founded the Clash.

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