Dutch airport imprisoned refugees endangered by coronavirus

This video from the USA says about itself:

‘The Fear Is Real:’ Prisoners At High Risk For Contracting COVID-19

MSNBC Correspondent Trymaine Lee and Chris Hayes discuss the horror stories of unchecked infections and inmates essentially being left to die in state, local, and federal detention facilities around the country. Aired on 04/10/2020.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Prisoners in the Schiphol detention center are very concerned about the number of coronavirus infections in the jail. Three prisoners sound the alarm in Het Parool daily. “The atmosphere is fucked up here”.

Six prisoners have been infected and a seventh person is currently being tested. “Every week, new inmates appear to have tested positive for the coronavirus here, but still most of the jailers do not keep five feet distance away and do not wear masks and gloves,” one detainee complains in the newspaper.

According to him, the management has been called upon to test everyone, but the management does not do it. “We are not allowed to go to the library and do not receive visitors, but still go for air together, scores at a time.”

With more than 450 mostly two-person cells, the Schiphol detention center jails asylum seekers in procedure, … and illegal or rejected refugees.

No human being is illegal. Meant is paperless refugees.

The Portuguese Council of Ministers has decided to temporarily grant all migrants and asylum seekers currently in the country full citizenship rights. The move has been taken in order to permit these categories to have full access to country’s healthcare as the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus escalates in the country, and therefore reduce the risks for public health: here.

COVID-19 FOUND IN BANGLADESH CAMP HOLDING 1 MILLION The coronavirus has been detected in one of the southern Bangladesh camps that are home to more than a million Rohingya refugees, as humanitarian groups warned the infection could devastate the crowded settlement. An ethnic Rohingya refugee and another person have tested positive for COVID-19, a senior Bangladeshi official and a U.N. spokeswoman said. It was the first confirmed case in camps more densely populated than most crowded cities on Earth. Infections have been gathering pace in Bangladesh, which has reported 18,863 cases of COVID-19 and 283 deaths. [Reuters]

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