COVID-19 news from the USA

This 22 April 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

COVID-19 Doctor Responds to Georgia Governor’s Decision to Reopen Economy | NowThis

‘Is the dollar more important than the lives of Americans, than the lives of our world?’ — This doctor is sending a stern message to her [Republican party] governor as he plans to reopen the state of Georgia to business.

In US news and current events today, Dr. Karla Lorraine sent a grave warning to Georgia Governor Kemp on his decision to reopen the local economy. Listen to this doctor fighting COVID-19’s warning.

NO BENEFIT AND MORE DEATHS FROM TRUMP MIRACLE DRUG A malaria drug repeatedly touted by President Donald Trump for treating the coronavirus showed no benefit in a large analysis of its use in U.S. veterans hospitals. There were more deaths among those given hydroxychloroquine versus standard care, researchers reported. With 368 patients, the study is the largest look so far of hydroxychloroquine with or without the antibiotic azithromycin. [AP]

UNION FEDERATION WARNS AGAINST HASTY REOPENING The AFL-CIO union federation warned that workplaces were still far too dangerous to consider reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic, even as some governors are starting to lift restrictions in order to get businesses up and running again. Richard Trumka, the federation’s president, said there was still insufficient personal protective equipment and not enough testing to make worksites safe. He called for stronger legal protections for those who will have to refuse dangerous work as their employers begin to call them back. [HuffPost]

TEXAS LT. GOV.: THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS THAN LIVING Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) made the eyebrow-raising claim that “there are more important things than living” as part of his continued push to reopen the U.S. economy, despite warnings from public health experts. “We’re crushing the average worker,” Patrick told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. “There are more important things than living, and that’s saving this country.” [HuffPost]

Tucker Carlson should be Trump’s VP, says racist, anti-Semitic David Duke.

7 WISCONSIN CASES LINKED TO IN-PERSON VOTING At least seven people appear to have contracted the coronavirus through activities related to the April 7 election in Wisconsin. Six of the cases involve Milwaukee voters and one is a Milwaukee poll worker, city health officials said. [AP]‌

TRUMP’S LATEST EXCUSE FOR FAILURE: OBAMA The president, continuing to struggle defending his initial inaction on the coronavirus pandemic, has taken to attacking former President Barack Obama for failing to predict the disease and come up with a test for it. [HuffPost]

Autopsies show first U.S. coronavirus death occurred in early February, weeks earlier than previously thought.

CDC WARNS AMERICANS OF ‘2ND WAVE’ THIS WINTER The director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that a potential second wave of the coronavirus could be far more fatal than the current phase of the pandemic because it may overlap with the beginning of flu season this winter. Government leaders at all levels must use the months ahead to prepare for such a resurgence even as some states announce plans to resurrect their economies, CDC Director Robert Redfield told The Washington Post. [HuffPost]

MICHIGAN GOV.: TRUMP MESSAGING A GRAVE DANGER Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said Trump’s plan to suspend immigration is distracting from efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic and part of “inconsistent messages” that spread fear and put the public in “greater danger”. Trump’s pronouncements about freezing immigration are “scary” for immigrants, family members hoping to immigrate to the U.S., farmers who rely on seasonal migrant workers and Canadian nurses who work in Michigan, the Democratic governor said. [AP]

USA: This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Clean Air Act, which is responsible for dramatic improvements in air quality. Despite this, a new report from the American Lung Association finds nearly half of the nation’s population — 150 million people — lived with and breathed polluted air, placing their health and lives at risk. The 21st annual “State of the Air” report finds that climate change continues to make air pollution worse, with many western communities again experiencing record-breaking spikes in particle pollution due to wildfires. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of air pollution on lung health is of heightened concern: here.

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