Unsafe travel for most, elite travels safely

This 6 April 2020 Dutch video is about Dutch people stuck in or repatriated from New Zealand because of the coronavirus crisis.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Passenger shocked by repatriation flight

A repatriation flight from Kuala Lumpur [in Malaysia] landed at Schiphol this morning at 7:00 am. Dutch people who were picked up from New Zealand were on board. Photos and video images from the aircraft show that the flight was almost completely full. There were only places left in the business class.

The business class is for richer airline passengers.

One of the passengers tells the NOS that she is very shocked by the situation. “In New Zealand, the measures are very strict and that is how we lived for two weeks. Keeping two meters away distance was already a custom. So when I checked in, I already thought: how will they do this with all these people?” …

However, in the case of this flight from Kuala Lumpur, the flight was not completely full, according to an airline spokesman, and the business class was kept free except for a few passengers. “This was done deliberately to ensure equal treatment for all other passengers and to avoid potential unrest on board.”

So, ‘equal’ treatment for non-elite passengers, exposing them ‘equally’ to coronavirus. And ‘equal treatment, even more equal and safer than the others‘ for ‘a few’ elite passengers.

The passenger, who would prefer to remain anonymous, would have liked to have heard this more clearly from the airline and the emergency center. “If we had known this, we might not have gone on this flight,” she says. “You hear people coughing and sneezing around you all through the flight. I have felt very unsafe.” Passengers were also not asked to quarantine once in the Netherlands. “I spoke to a woman who is in healthcare. She just goes back to work in a few days.”

She would, therefore, like to warn other passengers who have yet to be repatriated. “It is not a free ticket, you just pay full price. And you have to wonder if it is better to wait until another moment.”

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