Miami Beach Girls, Dutch all-women band

This November 1981 music video shows the Dutch all-women band, the Miami Beach Girls from Leiden, playing two songs: Screwdriver, and Angels from hell.

The songs sound a bit Siouxsie and the Banshees-ish, a bit more so than usual for this band. Together, in the car of drummer Saskia (ex-Lou’s), they had gone to the Banshees open-air concert in Tiel, on 7 July 1981. And right after that, to the Banshees concerts in Paradiso in Amsterdam. Their keyboard player/backing vocalist Jeanette photographed there for punk fanzine Pin. Did these concerts inspire them?

Miami Beach Girls singer Ria was sometimes drummer of the punk band Cheap ‘n’ Nasty. A band for which bass player Andrea sometimes also played bass.

I asked Siouxsie: your lyrics are all about different subjects. Do they still have something in common? Siouxsie: Personal independence. That idea is also in the Miami Beach Girls lyrics in this video: ‘I’m not your shadow projection …’

Also in this video, interview with Jeanette. She says she is a feminist, but critical of lack of humour within feminism.

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