Cheap’n’Nasty, Dutch punk rock EP

This music video is the full 1981 Covergirl EP by Dutch first wave punk rock band Cheap’n’Nasty.

Recorded in a studio in Dordrecht for the band’s own Smashstick Plastics Records label.

Four songs: 1. Cover Girl 2. Unknown 3. I’m a Photomodel 4. No More Violence (On TV)

The lyrics, by bass player/singer Terry, mention thoughts about suicide, and criticize the fashion industry, the tourist industry, and media censorship.

YouTube commenter Tanja Brouwer commented:

Nice music! Love the drummer

The question is: which drummer? On three of the EP’s songs, Maarten played the drums. On No More Violence, Ria.

UPDATE: Tanja meant me, Maarten says šŸ™‚

With the Cheap’n’Nasty EP came a booklet with drawings and lyrics of the four songs, all by bass player/vocalist Terry.

The lyrics of the title track, Cover Girl, are:

She is a girl walking about to be seen
No place on earth where she hasn’t been
But fashion people are so sickening
She’s only considered a dumb thing


Now she wants a change in her situation
But rather a change without complication

She is a girl walking about to be seen
She’s been frontpage on every magazine
She’s always been used and pushed about
So now she just wants to scream and shout


She’s always been a push-about
Too dumb too talk, but too proud to shout
Now fashion world is making her sick
All these guys they are so thick.


This music video is the song I’m a Photomodel from that EP. As remastered in 2016.

This music video is the song Cover Girl from that EP. As remastered in 2016.

The name of the band had nothing to do with the later, 1988, song “Cheap an’ Nasty” by Whitesnake.

Also nothing to do with the British Cheap’N’Nasty band, founded in 1990. Featuring Alvin Gibbs, ex-UK Subs, on guitar.

Also nothing to do with the later West Australian band Cheap’n’Nasty.

In Finland, they wrote this on the EP:

CHEAP `N ` NASTY covergirl EP Smashstick Plastics 1981 smaspla 1 ex/ex+ booklet,1000 made HOL BTF#6 killer punk gem 90.00


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