Coronavirus in war-devastated Yemen

This October 2019 United States CNN TV video says about itself:

Saudi-led war could lead to historic famine, World Food Program warns

The World Food Program tells CNN’s Nima Elbagir that 12 million people could be facing famine in Yemen as a result of a 3-year war in Yemen between a Saudi-led coalition and Houthi rebels.

There is coronavirus in Saudi Arabia. In Yemen, on which the Saudi regime wages war, no cases were known yet, until today. Though some anti-pandemic measures have been taken already. Like weddings are banned. That also means that the Saudi regime cannot bomb Yemeni weddings any more. There may have been cases already, as there is few testing material in Yemen.

A pandemic in Yemen would be devastating, as the Saudi royal air force has bombed most Yemeni hospitals with US, UK, French etc. bombs.

Dutch NOS radio reports today that the first coronavirus case has been found in Yemen; in Hadramaut, a Saudi invaders-occupied region.

The coronavirus crisis hits the Saudi economy hard. Maybe that will help to stop the regime’s expensive war on Yemen.

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