Coronavirus update today

This 11 April 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

COVID-19 update: 1.6 million cases worldwide – with Bryan Dyne and Zac Corrigan

From daily News Line in Britain, 11 April 2020:

FIREFIGHTERS are to fit face masks and deliver vital PPE and medical supplies to NHS and care staff.

Fire and Rescue personnel have volunteered to fit face masks for frontline NHS and clinical care staff and deliver medical supplies to hospitals and care facilities during the coronavirus outbreak.

This was after an agreement was made by the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) with fire chiefs and national employers.

Under the agreement, specially-trained and experienced fire and rescue personnel will fit protective masks to frontline NHS and clinical care staff working with patients infected with Covid-19.

This 10 April 2020 British Channel Four TV video says about itself:

Bodies left in streets of Guayaquil as Ecuador struggles with coronavirus

In the UK, we are understandably obsessed with quantifying this unfathomable crisis: counting the ventilators, the tests, the infected and of course the dead.

But some, less fortunate countries, do not have the ventilators or tests to count and can not even count those who died. In Ecuador’s second city Guayaquil, we found the number of dead just left lying in one street is greater than the official number of deceased.

Our Latin America Correspondent Guillermo Galdos’s report does contain pictures of dead bodies some viewers might find distressing.

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