Saudi crown prince-Trump corporate coronavirus bailout

This video from the USA says about itself:

Monday 6 April 2020

Saudi Arabia just bought an 8% stake in Carnival after the cruise ship giant’s stock plummeted this year | Gray Study

The cruise ship company’s stock plunged 80% in the last year, and it’s unclear when business will pick back up.

SAUDI ARABIA BAILS OUT CRUISE COMPANY WITH TRUMP TIES Trump has spent weeks promising to protect cruise lines from the economic pain of the coronavirus pandemic. Now a fund that Trump ally Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman controls has revealed a big new stake in Carnival Corp., the world’s largest cruise operator. The sudden change of fortunes for a company run by Micky Arison, a longtime Trump associate, could be as much about personal relationships and geopolitics as about business. [HuffPost]

One should hope that investing money in these cruise ships will cost Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman so much that he does not have enough money any more to wage bloody war on Yemen.

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