49 thoughts on “Trump whitewashes murderous Saudi crown prince

  1. This week, in the case of the gory assasination of a Washington Post
    reporter in the Saudi consulate, we see an all too familiar Trump
    pattern, first a blanket denial, then a denial of reponsibility even
    if the first denial can no longer fly, then a “Hey, even if it did
    happen, so what?” Trump has as much as said that already arguing that
    we need the arms sales to Saudi Arabia more than accountability for
    cold blooded political murder, even as he grossly inflated those
    “defense” contractor numbers.

    First, the Saudis denied they knew anything about the disappearance
    of Jamal Khashoggi, with his girlfriend waiting for him outside the
    consulate. Now that there seems to be concrete proof, in the form of
    audio and video recordings in the hands of the Turks, that he was
    tortured, killed and then cut up with a bone saw, the new lie is that
    even if it happened it was done by rogue Saudi bad guys.

    How’s this for a Trump sized whopper . . . it was just an
    interrogation that went horribly wrong, and coming out of Trump’s own
    mouth? They brought a bone saw to an interrogation? What could
    possibly go horribly wrong? …

    And getting back to the Saudies, wouldn’t you know it, on the
    Khashoggi killing Trump is out there personally leading the charge of
    lying on behalf of his Saudi palsy-walsies, with the preposterous
    story that some of the Saudi prince’s own closest personal body
    guards somehow went rogue.

    How about this? How about Saudi Arabia now surrendering those “rogue”
    killers for prosecution, and interrogation by the FBI? After all, the
    guy they killed was a U.S. resident. Don’t hold your waterboarding
    breath for that one.

    Make no mistake about this. Trump, who has done nothing but demonize
    journalists who write the truth, and who has even repeatedly
    insinuated that violence should be done against them, is as guilty of
    this murder as if he held the bone saw himself in his tiny little
    hands. And worse, he is guilty of encouraging more such
    unconscionable murders, perhaps even right here in America, with his
    look the other way agenda, especially if the Saudis are allowed to
    skate on this one.

    The People’s Email Network, PO Box 35022, L.A., CA 90035


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