‘Saudi crown prince had Khashoggi murdered, says CIA’

This video from the USA says about itself:

As Campaign to End US-Saudi War on Yemen Grows, Republicans Derail it with Bizarre Wolves Bill

16 November 2018

A House bill that would end the catastrophic US-Saudi war on Yemen is gaining support, but Republicans bizarrely blocked a vote using unrelated legislation on gray wolves and the endangered species list.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

‘CIA: Crown Prince Mohammad ordered murder of Khashoggi

The American secret service CIA thinks that the Saudi crown prince Mohammad personally ordered the murder of the critical journalist Khashoggi. The crown prince is said to have used his brother to lure Khashoggi to the consulate. That reports The Washington Post, the American newspaper that Khashoggi wrote for, based on sources.

According to the newspaper, the CIA bases this, among other things, on an intercepted telephone conversation that the crown prince’s brother had with Khashoggi. The brother, Khalid bin Salman, is said to have told him that he had to go to the consulate in Istanbul to collect documents for his marriage and that this would be safe.

Later it turned out that a Saudi death squad waited for Khashoggi there, strangled him and cut him to pieces. The public prosecutor demanded the death penalty on Thursday for five suspects who had committed the murder. The body has still not been found.

It is not clear whether Khalid bin Salman knew what would happen to Khashoggi, but according to American intelligence services he made the call on behalf of the crown prince.


After the murder of the Saudi journalist, the accusations soon pointed to the Saudi royal family, which was dealt with considerably in Khashoggi’s columns.

After studying images, among the suspects there turned out to be associates of the crown prince, including a security guard who often accompanied him abroad. In addition, Mohammad has tight control of the reins in Saudi Arabia and he even interferes with the smallest matters.

The Saudi public prosecutor insisted on Thursday that Mohammad did not know about the murder plans.

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