Saudi regime kills with British Conservative support

This 22 August 2018 video from Britain says about itself:

Theresa May’s husband’s firm profits from Yemen school bus massacre

Theresa May’s husband’s firm [Capital Group] owns shares in the [Lockheed Martin] company that produced a bomb which killed 40 Yemeni children on a school bus.

Read more here.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Thursday, November 29, 2018

May’s backing for the lawless and inhuman Saudi regime must be challenged

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump upset Theresa May with his assessment that her shabby Brexit deal represents good business for the EU, but the two are conjoined on another issue — Saudi Arabia.

Responsibility for ordering the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi is widely attributed to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman — but not by Trump and May.

Save the Children is the latest humanitarian NGO to target Riyadh’s military blockade of Yemen as responsible for most of the 85,000 Yemeni children aged under five estimated to have died of hunger and disease since the civil war began in 2015.

The international aid group makes clear that Saudi throttling of relief efforts, especially the ongoing assault on the port of Hodeidah, has caused monthly food imports to fall by 55,000 tons — enough to feed 4.4 million people.

The despotic Saudi royal family rejects calls to suspend its blockade and bombing of civilian areas

Trump and May are grimly determined to maintain their close ties with Saudi Arabia, including sales of military hardware to the medieval dictatorship that holds sway in Riyadh — and to hell with Yemen’s suffering population, including the children.

The US president is brazen enough to justify his “profits over humanity” stance by parroting his America First mantra, while the Prime Minister is less brash but equally nauseating in asserting that, if Britain didn’t sell arms to Riyadh, other states would.

How will the suffering of the poor and vulnerable across the globe ever be brought to an end if the most economically advanced states put their arms industries’ profits before the need to save children’s lives?

Washington and London also allude to Saudi Arabia’s geopolitical relevance as a counterweight, alongside their ally Israel, to the influence of Iran.

So Yemen’s children must suffer and die because of the demand for dividends by shareholders in companies run by British and US merchants of death, alongside politicians’ insistence on isolating Iran, even to the extent of pursuing sanctions against Tehran in breach of international law.

Iran has complied with international demands made of it over its civilian nuclear programme. It signed up to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and, according to the United Nations, has met all its commitments.

But Trump — working from a might-is-right position — ignores the UN, stepping up sanctions and demanding that subservient US allies toe his line.

But while May and company comply, the US Senate, where Trump’s party enjoys a majority, has developed the makings of a spine, rejecting his administration’s backing for the Saudi war in Yemen.

Republican Bob Corker, who chairs the Senate foreign relations committee, referred to “a [Saudi] crown prince that’s out of control,” while Democratic Senator Bob Menendez said it was time to send Saudi Arabia a message “both on its violation of human rights and the incredible humanitarian catastrophe it’s creating in Yemen.”

Both Republicans and Democrats are no strangers to supporting overseas invasions in the cause of Wall Street profits, but their readiness to unite in a bipartisan motion to clip Trump’s wings can’t be underestimated.

What will it take for members of May’s party to accept that human decency demands a fresh approach to Riyadh’s lawless and inhuman rampage?

Khashoggi cannot be brought back to life any more than tens of thousands of dead Yemeni children, but a belated principled stand — sidelining the obsession with “defence”-sector profits — could help prevent future atrocities.

Government sold £2.5 million of spy gear to the Saudis this year alone. The British government is complicit in the brutal oppression of pro-democracy campaigners, says Campaign Against Arms Trade: here.

Residents of the embattled Red Sea port of Hodeidah in Yemen reported Friday that renewed fighting had broken out on the city’s outskirts, despite a cease-fire agreement signed just the day before by the US- and Saudi-backed puppet government and the Houthi rebels: here.

10 thoughts on “Saudi regime kills with British Conservative support

  1. Earlier this week, the United States Senate took the first step toward ending our country’s active participation in a morally indefensible war in Yemen — a war most Americans know little about and that Congress never voted to authorize.

    Over the last several years, our support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen has been one of the great moral stains on our nation resulting in the worst humanitarian crisis on earth. During the last several years more than 85,000 children in Yemen have starved to death, while millions more of the people there face imminent starvation. With the water infrastructure destroyed by Saudi bombs, 10,000 new cases of cholera occur each week as people are unable to find clean drinking water.

    And what my bill, offered with Senators Mike Lee of Utah and Chris Murphy of Connecticut, says is that instead of being part of the killing in Yemen, on behalf of a despotic Saudi regime, we should be doing everything possible to create a peaceful resolution to that war and provide the kind of humanitarian help Yemenis so desperately need.

    With 63 votes in favor and 37 against, this is the first time in the history of the United States that the U.S. Senate has voted to advance a resolution withdrawing the United States Armed Forces from an unauthorized and unconstitutional war.

    And our success has a lot to do with people at the grassroots level making their voices heard on this important issue.

    But we still have work left to do.

    Next week, I expect that we have another procedural vote and then a final vote on passage of the resolution. So we cannot stop now. Not if we want to see this victory through to the end and limit our engagement in Yemen to the humanitarian and diplomatic aid needed to relieve the suffering of millions of Yemenis. Add your name if you’re with me:

    Tell the U.S. Senate: It’s time to end the United States’ support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen. We must make it crystal clear the American people want our country out of this horrible civil war.

    For decades and under presidents of both parties, Republicans and Democrats have abdicated their Constitutional responsibility to debate and decide whether or not our country engages in war.

    It is not the president who gets to decide whether or not we go to war in Yemen, or Syria, or anywhere else. It is Congress.

    And our vote earlier this week was a big step forward in reasserting that constitutional responsibility.

    Not surprisingly, given our president’s deep affection for authoritarian regimes, the White House has threatened to veto this bill if it gets to Trump’s desk. So what I want to do today with this petition is make sure Trump knows that it isn’t just the United States Senate that believes we should end our involvement in this humanitarian catastrophe, but the American people as well.

    So add your name:

    Tell the U.S. Senate: It’s time to end the United States’ support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

    Enough is enough. Enough killing. Enough starvation. Enough destruction. This is the time to tell Saudi Arabia, and indeed the rest of the world, that we will no longer be a partner to the horrific crisis in Yemen.

    In solidarity,

    Bernie Sanders

    Tell the U.S. Senate: It’s time to end the United States’ support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen.


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