Trump profiting from his warmongering

This video from the USA says about itself:

11 April 2017

Does President Trump stand to personally profit off the wars he is escalating in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Somalia and beyond? That’s the question many are asking, after it emerged that Trump has personally invested in Raytheon, the military contractor who makes the Tomahawk missiles used in the U.S. strike on a Syrian airbase last week. Raytheon’s stocks briefly surged after the attack. Overall, the stocks of defense contractors, such as Boeing and General Dynamics, have increased since Trump’s election, further fueled by his promise of a “historic” 10 percent increase in U.S. military spending. For more, we speak with William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy. His latest book is “Prophets of War: Lockheed Martin and the Making of the Military-Industrial Complex.”

Like Ukrainian President Poroshenko, being a merchant of death, profits from the war in esastern Ukraine … like Tony Blair profited from his Iraq war … like the Bush clique in the USA profited from the Iraq war.

After years condemning U.S. interventionism in the Middle East, President Donald Trump stunned the world last week by escalating American involvement in Syria’s six-year civil war. But Trump has also been quietly preparing to boost the U.S. role in a war on the other side of the troubled region ― specifically in Yemen, an impoverished nation where 17 million people do not know where their next meal will come from: here.

This video from the USA says about itself:

Part 1: Allan Nairn: Civilian Deaths Are Spiking in Syria & Iraq as U.S. Launches Unrestrained Raids

12 April 2017

As Secretary of State Rex Tillerson meets with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, in Russia to talk about the war in Syria and other issues, we spend the hour with the longtime investigative journalist Allan Nairn. For decades, Nairn has covered the impact of U.S. foreign policy across the globe in East Timor, Guatemala, El Salvador, Indonesia and other countries. Democracy Now! spoke to Nairn on Monday, discussing the escalation of U.S. military operations across the Middle East, as well as the unique danger Trump poses both abroad and at home. We began by asking Allan Nairn about last week’s U.S. attack on a Syrian air base.

Of the top 100 US newspapers, 47 ran editorials on President Donald Trump’s Syria airstrikes last week: 39 in favor, seven ambiguous and only one opposed to the military attack. In other words, 83 percent of editorials on the Syria attack supported Trump’s bombing, 15 percent took an ambivalent position and 2 percent said the attack shouldn’t have happened. Polls showed the US public being much more split: Gallup (4/7–8/17) and ABC/Washington Post (4/7–9/17) each had 51 percent supporting the airstrikes and 40 percent opposed, while CBS (4/7–9/17) found 57 percent in favor and 36 percent opposed: here.

This video from the USA is the sequel of the Allan Nairn interview.

This video from the USA says about itself:

Trump Is Moving “Full Speed Ahead” in War in Yemen, Despite Massive Civilian Casualties

12 April 2017

Since taking office, Trump has rapidly expanded U.S. military operations in Yemen. Last month, the U.S. reportedly launched more than 49 strikes across the country—more strikes than the U.S. has ever carried out in a single year in Yemen. The U.S. has also resumed some weapons sales to the Saudis, after the transfers were frozen by President Obama amid concerns about mounting civilian casualties in Yemen. For more, we speak with longtime investigative reporter Allan Nairn.

This video from the USA says about itself:

Allan Nairn: Only Mass Disruption From Below Can Stop Right-Wing Revolution & Trump’s Absolute Power

12 April 2017

As President Trump’s administration continues to be rocked by investigations and scandals, we continue our conversation with award-winning investigative journalist Allan Nairn. We asked him to talk more about his assessment of the opening months of the Trump presidency.

Trump Says NATO Accepted His Demands, Declares It No Longer Obsolete. After railing against the military alliance for two years, the president says it’s now fixed thanks to him: here.

This video from the USA says about itself:

Full Interview: Julian Assange on Trump, DNC Emails, Russia, the CIA, Vault 7 & More

12 April 2017

Full interview with Julian Assange on Democracy Now!, including a debate with investigative journalist Allan Nairn.

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