Saudis kill Yemeni children, United Nations condemnation

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

United Nations chief demands investigation into bloodbath in Yemen as warplanes attacked bus with children

UN chief António Guterres has condemned the Saudi air attack on a bus in Yemen. He wants an independent investigation quickly. According to the Red Cross, at least 29 children were killed in the attack, all under 15 years of age.

Furthermore, according to the organization, 48 people were injured, most of them children. …

The organization Save the Children says that the children returned in the bus from a picnic. The vehicle is said to have been hit when the driver had just got off to get a drink. There were 43 deaths. The bus drove past a market at the time of the attack.

UN CALLS FOR YEMEN BUS PROBE The United Nations secretary-general has called for an independent investigation into a Saudi-led coalition airstrike in Yemen that killed dozens of children traveling on a bus. [CNN]

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