Saudi women driving, death penalty for activists who made it possible?

Saudi women driving, Argus cartoon

The caption of this cartoon, by ‘Argus’ in the Netherlands, says, translated: ‘Women allowed to drive cars in ‘modern’ Saudi Arabia’. The text balloon says, translated: ‘At last, I will not have to go by bus if I want to watch a homo being stoned to death‘.

All the time until today, there was never any law in Saudi Arabia banning women from driving cars. Nevertheless, the regime flogged and jailed women who did drive.

Now, Saudi women can drive. With no thanks to the absolute monarchy, but thanks to the courageous Saudi women fighting for their rights. However, the dictatorship of the king and his warmongering son, the crown prince, does not want the women activists to get the credit for this concession forced upon the regime; and arrested these activists and threatens them with the death penalty.

The cartoon points out that, while there has been progress on this one driving point, there are still very many ‘not so modern’ things in Saudi Arabia. It points out the death penalty by stoning LGBTQ people. Also, there is the death penalty by crucifying for teenagers demonstrating for democracy. And killing immigrant workers for demonstrating. And public beheadings of women proclaiming their innocence. And flogging for blogging. And the bloody occupation of Bahrain by Saudi troops. And waging genocidal war on the people of Yemen.

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