Saudi regime tortures women’s rights activists

This 28 February 2017 video says about itself:

‘Owners used us however they wanted’: Indian maids tortured in Saudi Arabia talk to RT

More allegations of the sexual abuse and torture of maids employed in Saudi Arabia have come to light. Two Indian women have now shared their experience of abuse, while held captive by their employers in the country. Both victims have spoken exclusively to RT.

Translated from French daily Le Monde, 21 November 2018:

Whiplashes and electric shocks for imprisoned Saudi feminists

According to reports by Le Monde, nine activists arrested by the Riyadh government in mid-2018 were tortured.

These are the women who by their activism made it possible to lift the ban on women driving cars in Saudi Arabia.

Hundreds of Saudi women flee the conservative kingdom every year and run away to Western countries over allegations of domestic abuse and oppression back home. One popular destination is the UK, where dozens seek asylum every year. Hanan Razek met two people who explain how they risked everything to flee from Saudi Arabia: here.

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