Coronavirus news update, USA

This 10 April 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

What the Coughing Cop Says About American Policing

A cop caught coughing on residents and video of a man arrested and incarcerated for running a red light illustrates how American policing has evolved into an enforcer of social control.

NEW YORK STATE TOPS ALL COUNTRIES IN CASES The state of New York now has more confirmed cases of coronavirus than any country. New York had nearly 162,000 confirmed cases as of Friday morning. After the United States, the country with the highest number of confirmed cases, is Spain with 153,222 cases. The increase in the number of virus patients hospitalized in New York has grown at a slower rate over the past two weeks, but the number of New Yorkers dying keeps growing. Drone footage shows gravediggers loading coffins into a mass grave on New York City’s Hart Island. [HuffPost]

U.S. ECONOMY UNLIKELY TO RECOVER AS FAST AS IT COLLAPSED President Donald Trump has been telling voters that the U.S. economy will leap back to life “like a rocket.” But emerging signs suggest any recovery will fail to match the speed and severity of the economic collapse that occurred in just a few weeks. The 2020 presidential and Senate elections likely will take place as the world’s largest economy is still attempting to climb back from the deadly outbreak. [AP]

GOLF DISTRACTED TRUMP FROM COVID-19, SAYS NEW GOP AD The latest scorcher of an attack ad by the Republican Lincoln Project concedes Trump had other priorities before launching his lackluster battle against COVID-19. But he wasn’t distracted by impeachment, as he claims. Instead, he was busy golfing and packing people into campaign rallies. [HuffPost]

Doctor detained by ICE waits for coronavirus to hit.

LIBERTY UNIVERSITY KEPT STUDENTS IN THE DARK  The CDC first released guidance advising colleges and universities on how to handle the coronavirus outbreak on March 3. You wouldn’t know that if you were a student or faculty member at Liberty University, the evangelical school led by Trump-supporting, virus-denying Jerry Falwell Jr. One student told HuffPost that Liberty’s lack of communication affected his understanding of the disease and its risks. [HuffPost]

SOME CHURCHES PLAN EASTER SERVICES DESPITE VIRUS At the holiest time of year for Christians, churches are wrestling with how to hold services amid the coronavirus outbreak, and in some cases, that has set up showdowns with local governments over restrictions that forbid large gatherings. Governors in several states have deemed church an “essential service”, allowing Easter worship to proceed even as public health officials warn that large gatherings could be a major setback amid a pandemic that has killed more than 14,000 people in the U.S. [HuffPost]

MODLY’S TRIP TO CALL CAPTAIN STUPID COST $243,000 The trip to an aircraft carrier last weekend by the now-outgoing Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly to call ousted Capt. Brett Crozier “stupid” cost taxpayers more than $243,000, according to a Navy official. The astounding cost covered the 35-hour round trip on a Gulfstream 550 business jet modified for military use, which costs $6,946.19 per hour. [HuffPost]

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