21 thoughts on “Hurricane Irma, from Caribbean to Florida, USA

  1. From the USA:

    The People’s Email Network, PO Box 35022, L.A., CA 90035

    When the scientists tell us that the water under Irma is 1.8 degrees
    Fahrenheit (that’s ONE degree Celsius) hotter than usual, for some
    it’s like, oh boy, there they go again, those pesky, annoying,
    know-it-all scientists ranting and raving about their science
    so-called facts.

    That is, when the scientists tell people in the red states exactly
    where they need to evacuate (predicting in this case the right turn
    towards FL) they snap to it, quick, fast, and in a hurry. But try to
    tell them why this is happening, stronger storms more often, and they
    act like they are deaf, dumb and blind.

    Think about it. You remember critical thinking don’t you, the thing
    the right wing is so allergic to?

    The reputable peer reviewed scientists are predicting a MINIMUM
    planetary temperature rise of two degrees Celsius by the end of this
    century on the current track, if we get lucky, TWICE the local
    increase in the case of Irma, but extended over the entire earth,
    with six degrees Celsius hotter within the probability range. With
    even hotter local hot spots on top of that.

    There will be nothing left of the infrastructure within 100 miles of
    the coast of the entire Southeast United States by then. All gone.
    Kiss their perversely ignorant butts goodbye. The whole county will
    be bankrupt before we rebuild everything for the umpteenth time.

    And that doesn’t even consider the impact of overall sea level rise.
    Try half the state of FL permanently under water. Wanna visit your
    used to be beachfront property? Put on your scuba gear.

    It takes a genius to predict the vagaries of a hurricane’s wayward

    Any idiot could predict that hotter water will generate bigger and
    stronger hurricanes.

    Yesterday, we compared the mentality of most in the Republican party
    to something from the Dark Ages. But it’s worse than that, because
    then there were no actual scientists, just a couple mostly working in
    the dark alchemists. To operate today under the same kind of
    superstitious dogma is intellectually inexcusable.

    Maybe after two monster killer hurricanes in a row, each in turn
    bigger than anything ever before, some of the climate cretins out
    there might actually start to get a clue. Ya think . . . huh?

    Get your Stop Global Warming bumper stickers:

    We also have 350 PPM Or Catastrophe caps, a reference to the maximum
    carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere compatible with sustainable
    human civilization.

    350 PPM Or Catastrophe caps: https://www.utalk.us/?g=2:W

    And tomorrow we will ask the wrath of God question related to all

    You may forward this message to any friends who would find it


  2. Saturday 9th September 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

    Missing British sisters found helping Barbuda relief efforts

    VENEZUELA has sent aid to hurricane-devastated Barbuda, where two British sisters feared missing were found organising relief efforts yesterday.

    Former teacher Asha Frank and her sister Afiya Frank, who is six months pregnant, had not made contact with their family in Britain since Hurricane Irma flattened the island on Tuesday.

    But yesterday their cousin Tafara Kapfunde told Good Morning Britain that the captain of a boat evacuating residents to Antigua had seen the sisters.

    He said Asha, recently elected to the Barbuda council, was organising accommodation and Afiya was assigning places on the rescue boats.

    “It’s the Barbudan spirit. Everyone on that island sticks together,” Ms Kapfunde said.

    On Thursday, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza sent two air force planes carrying 10 tons of aid and 34 Civil Protection personnel to the stricken island.

    He said: “To be able to help the brother peoples in difficulty, this is the essence of the Bolivarian Revolution” and that of the Alba regional bloc founded by Venezuela.

    A spokeswoman for Britain’s Department for International Development said evacuations from Barbuda were being made more urgent by the approach of a second hurricane, dubbed Jose, across the Atlantic.

    And the Ministry of Defence said aircraft carrying around 230 personnel, comprising engineers, marines and medical specialists, would take rations and medical supplies to places affected, including Barbados and the British Virgin Islands.

    The Royal Navy has already dispatched its flagship HMS Ocean to the Caribbean.

    Overnight, Irma, the strongest hurricane since records began, battered the British colony of the Turks and Caicos islands, where the government declared a national shutdown.

    The death toll across the region rose to at least 14.

    Elsewhere, evacuations continued yesterday as the storm headed towards Cuba’s northern coast and the US state of Florida.

    Cuban national airline Cubana cancelled flights and some 5,000 tourists were evacuated from the northern part of the Florida Keys, while weekend sports events were cancelled.

    US Federal Emergency Management Agency head Brock Long said it was almost certain that the storm would make landfall this weekend, so residents of low-lying areas “need to get out and heed the warning.”



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