Puerto Rican school celebrates return of electricity after 112 days

This video from San Juan in Puerto Rico says about itself:

Academia Bautista de Puerto Nuevo: Staff, students celebrate after power returns to PR school

17 January 2018

Staff and students were overcome with joy after electricity was returned to a school in Puerto Rico after 112 days!

The residents of Río Abajo call themselves the “Community of the Forgotten.” Tucked away in a mountainous hamlet of Utuado, Puerto Rico, Río Abajo was particularly devastated by Hurricane María. As the category-five hurricane made landfall in the eastern municipality of Yabucoa, the strengthening wind and rain destroyed not only cars, homes, and businesses but also the bridge that connected Río Abajo to the central town of Utuado. Isolated and abandoned, twenty-five families waited for help. As hours turned to days, and days to weeks, the citizens of Río Abajo realized that they were on their own: here.

10 thoughts on “Puerto Rican school celebrates return of electricity after 112 days

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