Extreme right abuses coronavirus for anti-Asian racism

This 30 March 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Asian communities facing ‘racist aggression’ amid coronavirus pandemic

As panic escalates around the coronavirus, so do cases of aggression against the Asian community.

In recent weeks inward blame has become outward harassment across the world. Asian American studies professor Russel Jeung started tracking attacks on a new site called STOP APPI HATE. In the first eight days, the website received more than 650 reports of discrimination, largely in the Asian American community.

Sue Chen, President of the Chinese Association of West Michigan (CAWM), said these acts of racism are wrongfully targeting individuals of Asian descent, even as medical experts have found no evidence to support the virus being spread by a specific race.

“Much of this aggression is centered to the coronavirus … The Asian face makes people think this is from an Asian country. If you have a face similar like that, you will be the target,” Chen said.

By Steve Sweeney:

US senators accuse World Health Organisation of ‘peddling communist propaganda’ as they whip up anti-China hysteria

by Steve Sweeney

US REPUBLICANS have continued to stoke anti-China rhetoric over the coronavirus, as a senator demanded an investigation into the World Health Organisation over its “lies” in support of Beijing.

Republican Rick Scott demanded a Congressional inquiry, insisting that the body should be “held accountable for [its] role in promoting misinformation and helping communist China cover up a global pandemic.”

It reminds me of 1950s McCarthyist days when the extreme right in the USA accused (Republican) President Eisenhower of being a ‘Russian spy‘.

11 thoughts on “Extreme right abuses coronavirus for anti-Asian racism

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