The extreme right in the USA

This 4 February 2021 video says about itself:

The US government is warning violent right-wing groups may be emboldened by the riot at the Capitol building last month.

The Department of Homeland Security’s threat assessment analysts are suggesting there may be additional attacks and there are concerns conspiracy theories are continuing to fuel hate.

Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds reports from Los Angeles, US.

Trump and January 6: The evidence of a planned political coup: here.

Every antisemitic thing Marjorie Taylor Greene has said and done (so far): here.

Don’t laugh at Marjorie Taylor Greene — her Jewish constituents must live with her hate: here.

In any politically healthy system, the Republican Party would have been irreparably discredited and disgraced by its complicity in the attempted coup. Yet less than three weeks later, it arrogantly and defiantly reasserts its defense of Trump and his fascist supporters: here.

The GOP Isn’t Big Enough for Jews and for Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Jew-hate. Republicans’ disinterest in ostracizing Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, an extremist who proudly peddles antisemitic conspiracies, is devastating for Jewish conservatives: here.

February 4: White supremacy and far-right extremism: Is the Capitol siege the end or the beginning? Here.

KYLE RITTENHOUSE VIOLATES BOND Kyle Rittenhouse has violated his bond agreement by apparently moving out of his home without notifying the court, and now Wisconsin prosecutors are seeking a warrant for his arrest. In a court filing, prosecutors said several attempts to contact the teenager have failed. The 18-year-old faces multiple homicide charges related to the shooting deaths of two unarmed Black Lives Matter protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last summer. [HuffPost]

CANADA DECLARES PROUD BOYS A TERRORIST GROUP The Canadian government officially designated the Proud Boys as a terror organization, ranking the group alongside al Qaeda and Boko Haram. The move to designate the Proud Boys ― a violent, pro-Trump street gang full of extremists and white nationalists ― as a criminal entity was already under consideration before the deadly siege on the U.S. Capitol last month for which numerous members of the gang have been charged. [HuffPost]

2 thoughts on “The extreme right in the USA

  1. By Elise Foley

    In the weeks since rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol, more and more disturbing details have come out about the people who participated in the insurrection. We’ve learned much more about what motivated them and how they did it. HuffPost’s Alanna Vagianos and Roque Planas taught us even more when they dug through criminal records to reveal an alarming number of serious allegations of domestic abuse, sexual assault and other violence against women in the insurrectionists’ pasts.

    Alanna shared more about how the piece came together.

    How did you come up with the idea to look into insurrectionists’ records for domestic violence allegations?

    My editor and I were chatting about how I could cover the Capitol riot through a gender lens, and he came up with the great idea to start digging into rioters’ past arrest records and see what we found. I knew from my past coverage of violence against women that many men who commit violent public acts — including international and domestic terrorism — often have a history of abusing a woman close to them. It wasn’t a big stretch to think that many men who idolized former President Donald Trump — an alleged sexual predator himself who often disparaged women — would also have domestic or sexual violence complaints against them.

    What was the process like for digging into those records?

    The process of requesting and sifting through records was long and tedious. Our researcher, Roque Planas, did a lot of the heavy lifting of record requests. It was hard because there was no obvious person to start with — we just had to start at the top of our list and move on down. We had no idea who, if any, were going to come back with past complaints of violence against women. But, alas, to no big surprise, rap sheets came back and one by one we were finding more men with violent histories. What was surprising, though, was the extreme nature of these crimes: prison time served for criminal confinement and sexual battery; a man admitting to police he choked his wife for only a short period of time “because he loves her”; another man who allegedly hit his sister and attempted to pour bleach on his nephew. And that was just what we found in a couple of weeks. Imagine what we could unearth if we had more time.

    You spoke to the former wife of one of the men arrested. What was that reporting like?

    That was maybe the hardest part of the reporting. The woman was, understandably, very hesitant to go on record and feared retaliation from her soon-to-be ex-husband. She and I had many long conversations throughout the three weeks it took to report out and publish this piece. At the end of the day, I told her that I wouldn’t publish anything she wasn’t comfortable with me using — even if she had said it on record. Essentially, she was able to pull out of the story at any time. That was really hard for me. But I don’t think I would’ve done it any other way. Publishing a story that would harm her or any other survivor is not why I do the work that I do.

    What do you hope readers learn from the piece?

    I hope that readers can connect the dots between misogyny and extremism. Violence against women often begets more violence. As one expert told me, we need to stop looking at violence against women as a domestic or family issue — it’s a public problem that, as we can see, often leads to bigger, more public acts of aggression. Something else that was important to me to include was the link between extremism and white supremacy, and how white supremacy and misogyny often go hand in hand. We can’t have a discussion about extremism in the U.S. without discussing misogyny and white supremacy; all three are intrinsically linked.


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