Lethal German nazi attack on synagogue, Turks

This 9 October 2019 German video says about itself, translated:

Killers came with bulletproof vests and guns: attack on synagogue in Halle

Attack on the synagogue in the Paulus district in Halle! At least two people were killed!

With several weapons, shots were fired on Wednesday afternoon. Several armed culprits were on the run, a police spokeswoman said. There was now one person arrested.

Also, at least two people were injured.

Dutch NOS TV reports that the violent neo-nazis also threw hand grenades. They not only fired shots at the synagogue, but also at a döner kebab business. These businesses are mostly owned by people of Turkish ancestry.

Nevertheless, Dutch right-wing site GeenStijl initially claimed the murderers were Muslims; while it looks a lot more like Islamophobes.

In German media, it is suspected they are so-called mittelfränkische Neonazis, originally from the NPD party in Bavaria.

Halle Police said the two victims of the attack are a woman, who was killed at the synagogue, and a man, who was killed at the kebab shop. … The car used by the suspect seen in video obtained by CNN shooting behind a grey car is registered to the town of Euskirchen, North Rhine–Westfalia, which is 263 miles from Halle. … António Guterres, the UN Secretary-General, strongly condemned the Halle, Germany, attack, according to a statement given through his deputy spokesman. He regards this as “yet another tragic demonstration of anti-Semitism — perpetrated on the holy day of Yom Kippur — which needs to be fought with the utmost determination”: here.

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