Nazi murderer Stephan Balliet, anti-Semite, Islamophobe, anti-left

This 9 October 2019 video is called Yom Kippur suspect shooter [Stephan Balliet], who killed two people in attack on German synagogue, live stream video.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

The man who yesterday committed an attack on a synagogue in the German town of Halle, killing two people, was spreading a manifesto on right-wing extremist internet forums about his act. “He denies the Holocaust and calls the Jews the source of all evil,” says correspondent Judith van de Hulsbeek in the NOS Radio 1 News.

The manifesto describes in detail the weapons and equipment he has purchased for his action. The main objective was to kill Jews, but according to the Tagesschau, he also planned an attack on a mosque and a center of left-wing activists. The man deliberately chose the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur, because then also most non-religious Jews would be in the synagogue.

He is not only a dedicated anti-Semite, says Van de Hulsbeek. “He also swears about Turks, feminists, basically anyone who he thinks is anti-white man. Those people are his target.”

Yesterday it soon became apparent that the 27-year-old attacker had wanted to invade the synagogue in Halle, where about eighty Jews were present for the celebration of Yom Kippur. Failing to do so, he opened fire in front of the building, killing two people, a female passer-by and a visitor to a döner business. …

He filmed the attack and broadcast it live on the Twitch video platform. …

The attack in Christchurch in New Zealand where a right-wing extremist killed 51 people earlier this year seems to have been a source of inspiration for the attacker in Halle. “It is the same method and shows many similarities,” says Van de Hulsbeek. That attack was also streamed live.

See also here.

From Haaretz in Israel:

Analysis Germany Synagogue Attack: Liberal Values Make Jews Everywhere Prime Target for White Supremacists

The synagogue shooting in eastern Germany wasn’t just an anti-Semitic attack. It was also an attack against immigration and values that have been identified with Jews

White Nationalists on Telegram Are Hailing the Germany Synagogue Shooter as a ‘Saint’. The gleeful reaction of white nationalists on Telegram provides yet another example of the international nature of the modern far right: here.

USA: A white, spray-painted swastika appearing above the word “Trump” was found on the Yale Law School campus over the weekend an an act referred to as “utterly antithetical” to the school’s values: here.


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