Where Mel Gibson Got His Anti-Semitism

Mel Gibson and anti-Semitism, cartoon

From Alternet in the USA:

Where Mel Gibson Got His Anti-Semitism

By Heidi Beirich, Intelligence Report.

Posted January 27, 2007.

Numbering near 100,000, radical traditionalist Catholics, who reject the teachings of the modern papacy, may form America’s largest group of anti-Semites.

“Fucking Jews!”

So began Mel Gibson’s now infamous anti-Semitic rant to Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies who pulled him over on suspicion of drunken driving last July.

“The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world,” the world-famous movie actor continued, before asking his arresting officer: “Are you a Jew?”

After his tirade made international news, Gibson promptly disappeared into an addiction clinic.

10 thoughts on “Where Mel Gibson Got His Anti-Semitism

  1. No, what i think is mel gibson should be shot for everything him and his father believe about jesus and the holocausts. How dare anyone deney the death of 2 million jews. Not just death but the torture and systematic attempt to exterminate them. Mel gibson doesn’t even no why he writes such hatred about this subject. His igorance is not only dangerous but overwhelming. I used to love mel gibson, but am very disapointed of how hateful he is. As much antisemitism there is in the world there is no need for someone in his stature to spread such horror? He say’s he is a devote catholic, and the jews were responsible for Christ death, but should’t he be greateful to the jews that christ came to earth and died. I meen didn’t god say to Abraham through your seed all nations will be blessed, and all those that curse thee I will curse and all that bless the I will bless. It seems to me Gibson doesn’t know a thing about Christ and therefore cannot be taken seriosly on this subject. If Christ did not die wheather the jews were at fault or not, there would be no reason for his coming in the first place, he came down to earth to die, not to live, and he did it exactly as it was supposed to be done.
    The halacoust was the worlds biggest tragedy of human kind, and shows the extent human beings would acctually go to because of hatred, More importanltly little children and baby’s that had to suffer because of that hatread and it is not exceptable for mel gibson or anyone else to deny the history of such a horrific magnitude? Lets be truthful, to deny the holoucaut you have to hate jews and mel gibson does, wich means he hates christ because christ and jews come hand in hand.


  2. Hi xxx, I completely agree with your disgust for the anti-Semitism of Mel Gibson and others. However, I do not agree with your first sentence “mel gibson should be shot”. As I don’t agree with the death penalty. I personally think that mandatory education for anti-Semites and similar racists until they get rid of their evil ideas would be better.

    Also, you write “the death of 2 million jews”. Actually, six million Jews were killed in Hitler’s Holocaust, or Shoah (also tens of millions of others, including, but not limited to, Roma, African people, gay people, communists, social democrats, Jehovah’s witnesses, Soviet citizens, Poles, Yugoslavs, died because of Hitler and his allies).


  3. mel gibson was in pasiion of the christ right?
    uhh i dont support hate towards anyone i think no one should be “shot” we just need to be more educated in the other persons point of views in a peaceful calm manner. ofcourse what are the odds of that…


  4. Unfortunately there are many others in the world who hold his views, we may think that Antisemitism is no longer an issue but in certain countries in the Middle East and in secluded pockets of American society Antisemitism still thrives. The President of Iran is a Holocaust denier for Christ’s sake! And yet he’s allowed a seat in the United Nations. What on earth is wrong with this world…


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