German police accused North Africans falsely

This video says about itself:

5 January 2017

German police in Cologne apologise after referring to North Africans as “Nafris” in a tweet. The police department has, however, defended racially profiling them during New Year festivities.

Translated from Judith van de Hulsbeek, Dutch NOS TV correspondent in Germany:

Hardly any North Africans in Cologne at New Year

Today, 16:31

Among the large groups of men who went to the New Year celebration in Cologne this year came, there appear to have been hardly any North Africans. This is in contrast to what the German police said before. …

After the New Year events there was commotion about a tweet by a policeman, in which he labeled a large group of men as ‘Nafris’, abuse for supposedly criminal North Africans. …

The police investigated whether among the men were persons accused of the assaults on New Year a year ago. But there is no evidence for that. “None of the suspects of Cologne in 2015-2016 and none of the 75 persons who had then received an exclusion order have been reported this year,” said Police Chief Mathies in a press release.

Racism, sexism in Dutch armed forces

This video from Britain says about itself:

Sexism in the British armed forces – Channel 4 News, 15 01 16

Rebecca Crookshank was a member of the RAF, where she experienced sexual harassment.

See also here.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Soldiers sick of discrimination and sexism

Today, 11:38

Thirteen (former) soldiers have complained to the Ministry of Defence because they suffer from discriminatory or sexist remarks. This confirms lawyer Michael Ruperti in response to an article in the Algemeen Dagblad daily.

In the newspaper, eg, an Antillean soldier complains that he was told that he “should go back to the monkey rock”. A female soldier was told that she was a “tampon“, and was called a “first aid kit cunt” as she had to keep her mouth shut.


Ruperti speaks of more than 32 cases, and also today still people with stories about the culture in the armed forces are reporting. Some immigrant soldiers according to him have already asked themselves for a transfer because they are sick of the discriminatory harassment. …

In 2006 there already was research on discrimination in the military. It showed that many Dutch soldiers were against immigrants. According to Ruperti, little appears to have changed in ten years.

Donald Trump’s Jeff Sessions, bad news

This video from the USA says about itself:

10 January 2017

The first of a two-day confirmation hearing for President-elect Donald Trump’s controversial attorney general nominee begins today. Republican Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama faces questions from his colleagues on the Judiciary Committee, where he serves as chair of the immigration subcommittee.

Trump’s pick has drawn widespread outrage because of Sessions’s opposition to the Voting Rights Act, support for anti-immigration legislation and history of making racist comments. We are joined by David Cole, national legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union, who is set to testify at Sessions’ Senate hearing, and with Kyle Barry, policy counsel with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and co-author their report opposing Jeff Sessions’s nomination.

By Patrick Martin in the USA:

Trump nominee for attorney general defends right-wing, anti-democratic agenda

11 January 2017

The first hearing on confirmation of a Trump cabinet selection, Senator Jeff Sessions, the nominee for attorney general, demonstrated two central facts of American politics in 2017: the Trump administration will be the most right-wing and repressive in American history, and the congressional Democrats will do nothing to oppose it.

At Tuesday’s hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sessions defended a long litany of ultra-right positions hostile to democratic rights. These include his support for the Supreme Court decision gutting the Voting Rights Act and his embrace of state actions to limit voter access to the polls in the name of fighting nonexistent “vote fraud.”

Sessions declared his backing for keeping open the US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay and for the panoply of anti-democratic measures undertaken by the Bush and Obama administrations in the name of the “war on terror:” the Patriot Act, mass surveillance of the Internet and telecommunications, drone-missile assassinations and the like.

Asked about the detention of American citizens indefinitely without a trial, if the government asserts that the individual is linked to a foreign terrorist organization, Sessions said there had to be a habeas corpus proceeding to review evidence, but left open the possibility that this review could be through a military tribunal or other expedited procedure, rather than through a court proceeding where the defendant’s constitutional rights were observed.

Sessions is an implacable opponent of abortion rights. While he claimed that he would enforce current laws, he reiterated his longstanding position that the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling was wrongly decided and should be overturned. He suggested a similar attitude towards the more recent Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage.

Much of his opening statement sounded a “law and order” theme, dovetailing with Trump’s entirely false depiction of the United States as overrun by a wave of violent crime. “It is a fundamental civil right to be safe in your home and your community,” he said. “It will be my priority to confront these crises vigorously, effectively and immediately.”

He criticized the publicity given to police murders of young people, and particularly African-Americans, saying, “In the last several years, law enforcement as a whole has been unfairly maligned and blamed for the actions of a few bad actors and for allegations about police that were not true.”

Sessions is opposed to even the token measures taken by the Obama administration on police brutality, suggesting that the “consent decrees” negotiated with particularly flagrant local police departments, as in Cleveland, Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, should be reviewed. He concluded that “to smear whole departments places those officers at greater risk.”

Sessions distanced himself from the pronouncements of President-elect Donald Trump in only two areas, giving carefully rehearsed answers that were undoubtedly cleared with the Trump transition team in advance. He said he would oppose banning immigrants and visitors from the United States because they were Muslim, and conceded that current US law (which he voted against) prohibits waterboarding as a form of torture.

After prolonged wrangling with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, Sessions said he had no reason to disbelieve the conclusion of the report issued last week by US intelligence agencies that the Russian government had intervened in the US elections by hacking the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign.

Despite his ultra-right views, there is little prospect that Sessions will be rejected either by the Judiciary Committee or the full Senate. All 52 Republicans are expected to vote for confirmation, along with at least a smattering of Democrats. The biggest display of opposition is expected to come Wednesday, with testimony before the committee by leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus. But this is entirely for show, to be followed by the rubber-stamping of the nomination.

One of the first issues discussed at the hearing was the prospect of the new attorney general appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server while secretary of state in the Obama administration. Trump repeatedly threatened such an action during the campaign, prompting his supporters to chant “lock her up, lock her up” at rallies, including many where Sessions appeared side by side with Trump.

Sessions said that he would recuse himself from any decision in relation to Clinton’s email or the Clinton Foundation because his comments during a “contentious” campaign “could place my objectivity in question.” While declaring, “We can never have a political dispute turn into a criminal dispute,” he continued with language that left open the possibility for such a politically-motivated prosecution: “This country does not punish its political enemies but this country ensures that no one is above the law.”

Sessions grew up in rural Alabama, just outside of Selma, and was 19 years old at the time of the 1965 civil rights march there. There is no indication that he broke personally or politically with the racist politics of that time. On the contrary, he joined the College Republicans at the time when segregationist Democrats were switching to the Republican Party en masse because of their opposition to civil rights reforms.

Thirty years ago Sessions was rejected by the same Judiciary Committee when Ronald Reagan nominated him to become a federal district judge because of allegations of racism based on his role in prosecuting civil rights workers for helping elderly black voters to cast their ballots. The allegations against Sessions were supported by testimony from African-American co-workers.

Sessions went on to make a political career as a conservative Southerner allegedly victimized by Northern liberals, winning election first as Alabama state attorney general and subsequently, in 1996, winning an open US Senate seat. He has been on the extreme right of Senate Republicans ever since, and was the only senator to endorse Donald Trump prior to the string of primary victories that won the billionaire real estate mogul the Republican nomination.

In his opening statement to the committee, Sessions denounced the charges of racism that torpedoed his judicial nomination in 1986 and proclaimed himself a supporter of civil rights, including the right to vote, for all US citizens, including African-Americans. He maintained this posture despite repeated protests from members of the hearing audience, with more than a dozen dragged out by Capitol Hill police after they denounced him as a racist and an anti-gay bigot.

As a long-time member of the Judiciary Committee, Sessions was treated with unctuous courtesy, not only by the Republican members of the committee, but also by nearly all the Democrats, many of whom prefaced their token criticisms with professions of personal affection and high regard.

The real attitude of Senate Democrats to Trump’s policy of mass repression and attacks on democratic rights was shown at a second confirmation hearing, held Tuesday afternoon, for retired General John F. Kelly, nominated to head the Department of Homeland Security.

General Kelly was treated to a bipartisan love fest, with an introduction to the committee by Republican Senator John McCain and Democratic Senator Thomas Carper, and an opening testimonial by former Bush and Obama defense secretary Robert Gates.

Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, the committee’s top Democrat, gushed over General Kelly’s credentials and made no objection to putting a career military officer in charge of the largest police force in the United States, an agency that includes the Border Patrol, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and a dozen other units responsible for repressive actions of one kind or another.

McCaskill asked Kelly about the intelligence agency report on Russian hacking in the US election and Kelly immediately declared that he endorsed its conclusions “with full confidence.”

At the same time, in response to Republican questioning, he outlined a perspective of border defense going far beyond the wall proposed by Trump. In his view, Kelly said, “defense of the southwest border starts about 1,500 miles further south.” Based on his experience as head of the Pentagon’s Southern Command, which covers most of Latin America, Kelly cited the importance of gaining the cooperation of the right-wing governments in Central America and the Andean countries of South America to halt the movement of immigrants and drugs.

Coretta Scott King’s Scathing Takedown Of Jeff Sessions Is A Must-Read. She fought for the Voting Rights Act, while Sessions called it “intrusive”: here.

Civil rights leader John Lewis warns against Jeff Sessions as attorney general: here.

The Existential Threat of Trump’s Corporate Cabinet. The corporate interests who the President-elect properly alleged in the campaign buy politicians will now themselves be directly in charge of the government: here.

At the Golden Globes awards ceremony in Beverly Hills, California on Sunday, actress Meryl Streep criticized President-elect Donald Trump as a bully, someone who possessed “the instinct to humiliate” and lacked “empathy.” Trump, as is his habit, tweeted an ignorant response, calling Streep “one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood” and a “Hillary [Clinton] flunky.” The exchange has been endlessly covered in the media. Streep’s various supporters and admirers in Hollywood and the media termed her comments “epic,” “powerful,” “gutsy,” “rousing,” “glorious,” “inspirational,” “brilliant,” “stinging,” “provocative” and “heroic.” In fact, the actress’s remarks at the Golden Globes, an annual event organized by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, were quite mild and limited: here.

Donald Trump’s press conference Wednesday morning was an hour-long demonstration of oligarchic arrogance and contempt for democratic principles that has no parallel in modern American history: here.

United States ‘alt-right’ Islamophobic fake news on Germany

This video from the USA says about itself:

Media Fawns Over Neo-Nazis (The So-Called Alt-Right)

2 December 2016

Donald Trump’s base includes Nazis, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists and the KKK, including his Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, a former executive of the Neo-Nazi website, Breitbart. The Los Angeles Times and Mother Jones both wrote fluff pieces praising their fashion and ascendancy in Washington thanks to Donald Trump.

Jimmy Dore breaks it down.

From teleSUR:

Breitbart Takes Fake News to New Level with Muslim Attack

7 January 2017

The “news” story portrayed a deliberate attack on a Dortmund church by a “mob” of Muslims.

Far-right white nationalist website Breitbart has been criticized by German authorities and media for falsifying a story of a new year’s eve where a church was supposedly set on fire by a group of Muslims in Dortmund.

On Jan. 3., Breitbart published a story titled “Revealed: 1,000-man mob attack police, set Germany’s oldest church alight on New Year’s Eve.” The group reportedly chanted “Allahu Akbar” while setting the church alight, as the website cited live information from local media outlet Ruhr Nachrichten.

However, Ruhr Nachrichten then hit back at the story, saying that Breitbart’s reporting of the event has been “using our online reports for fake news, hate and propaganda.” The German outlet explained that the far-right website falsely connected a number of separate incidents to fabricate the story.

Local media reported that there were some individuals who launched fireworks in the crowd with police ordering a number to leave and took some into custody, and a small fire which lasted for 12 minutes started on the Church’s roof. Yet, there were no reports from the media or authorities which indicated that the fire was intentionally lit.

Importantly, while local media reported that there were around 1,000 people gathered in Dortmund’s Leeds Square for New Year celebrations and that there were groups of foreign people attending, it could not be seen as a “mob,” like Breitbart portrayed. It was also pointed out that the Church in questions was in fact, not the oldest in the country.

Ruhr Nachrichten‘s editor Peter Bandermann said that Breitbart also sensationalized how Syrians in the crowd were using the phrase “Allahu Akbar,” explaining that “this statement is a Muslim prayer as normal as ‘Amen’ in the Church.”

Bandermann added, “The fact is: there was no sign that terrorism was being celebrated in Dortmund.”

Police told local media that overall the celebrations amounted to a quiet night and later stated in a report that the number of call-outs for New Year’s celebration had actually decreased significantly from last year.

Thousands of users read and shared the Breitbart story, before it was revealed as a falsification. “The danger is that these stories spread with incredible speed and take on lives of their own”, Eva Kühne-Hörmann, justice minister of nearby Hesse, told the Guardian.

Breitbart was known as a mouthpiece for U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign for promoting racism and white nationalism. Its former director Steve Bannon is now Trump’s chief strategist.

Breitbart already runs a website from London and is rumored to be opening up outlets in France and Germany ahead of elections later this year and to play on the increasing anti-immigration sentiment within the continent.

A number of German companies including BMW and Deutsche Telekom have already pulled their advertising from the website.

Politico co-founder offers effusive praise for Breitbart, a platform for white nationalism. The normalization of bigotry: here.

Jewish graves vandalized in Indiana, USA

Jewish gravestone, with the German word 'Jude' daubed on it

From the Jewish Telegraph Agency in the USA:

3 suspects arrested in vandalism of Jewish grandparents’ gravestone in Indiana

January 5, 2017 9:33am

Three people have been arrested in connection with the vandalism of the headstone of a Jewish couple buried in the cemetery of a small Indiana town.

An anonymous tip to police led to the arrests on Tuesday night, according to local news reports in Scottsburg.

Angeliquca Tompkins, 19, and Matthew Terry, 20, are charged with criminal mischief and criminal trespassing; they are being held in the county jail. The third suspect was a female juvenile who was released to the custody of her parents.

The words “F***ing Jew” were spray-painted in white across the back of the double headstone, on top of the large Jewish star, in the Scottsburg Cemetery, one of the few headstones with a Jewish name on it. Two other headstones in the cemetery were later discovered vandalized.

On Monday, a grandson of the couple posted a photo of the headstone on Facebook and offered a cash reward for any information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the attack. The photo has been liked more than 16,000 times and shared more than 40,000 times.

Jarin Gladstein told a local news station: “The fact that words spread fast, obviously from Facebook, but it’s awesome that we got together and somebody obviously spilled the guts and said who it was, which I appreciate because I feel like that should pay for what they’ve done.”

Gladstein prior to the arrests had told the local media that he was “livid, upset, sick,” over the desecration.

The vandalized Gladstein gravestone

Law enforcement officials announced Friday that they seized 83 guns, 10,000 rounds of ammunition, and a helmet with a Nazi insignia from the home of a Lexington, Massachusetts man facing civil rights charges, the Boston Globe reported: here.

Bomb Threats Reported at Jewish Centers in Four U.S. States: here.

A score of Jewish centers in the Eastern U.S. faced false bomb threats Monday.

JEWISH CENTERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY ARE RECEIVING BOMB THREATS More than 20 were reported on Wednesday alone. [Willa Frej and Andy Campbell, HuffPost]

Film parody of racist French National Front party

This 30 December 2016 French video is the trailer of the film Chez Nous, which will be in French cinemas on 22 February 2017.

The film is a parody of the racist French National Front party and its leader Marine Le Pen.

US NAACP leaders arrested for protesting Trump nominee Sessions

This video from Alabama in the USA says about itself:

Watch NAACP protesters get arrested after staging a sit-in ar Sen. Jeff Sessions‘ office

3 January 2017

Four members of the NAACP have been arrested during a protest at the Mobile office of Sen. Jeff Sessions. NAACP President Cornell William Brooks tweeted shortly before 6:30 p.m. that he believed he and others occupying the office were soon to be arrested.

By Lilly Workneh, Black Voices Senior Editor, The Huffington Post in the USA:

NAACP Stages Sit-In To Protest Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions

“The NAACP has chosen not to remain silent on this critical matter.”

01/03/2017 04:32 pm ET

UPDATE: 1/3 ― Several NAACP leaders including president Cornell William Brooks were arrested Tuesday evening after one day of protest, according to the organization. The six protesters were charged with criminal trespass in the second-degree, CNN reported.


The NAACP is staging a sit-in protest at the office of U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions in Mobile, Alabama to speak out against his nomination by President-elect Donald Trump for attorney general.

Several leaders of the civil rights organization have thus far participated in the protest, which kicked off Tuesday morning, including NAACP President Cornell William Brooks, and Alabama state NAACP President Benard Simelton. Brooks posted a tweet Tuesday morning declaring that he will continue to occupy the office until the protest results in either Sessions’ withdrawal or their arrest.

Trump offered Sessions the attorney general position in November. The move sparked outrage among many who have denounced Sessions’ history of racism and voter suppression.

Sessions was appointed by Reagan for a federal judgeship in 1986. But Sessions was deemed to be too racist for the role and his nomination was later rejected by the Senate Judiciary Committee following a series of confirmation hearings during which he addressed numerous allegations, including that he once called a black attorney “boy,” joked that he thought the Ku Klux Klan was ‘OK’ ― that is, until he discovered that members smoked marijuana ― and referred to civil rights groups, like the NAACP, as “un-American.”

Sessions was also accused of suppressing black votes in Alabama just one year prior to his nomination by Reagan, which became a case that has since haunted his career. In 1985, during his time as a U.S. Attorney in Mobile, Sessions was accused of targeting black voters after his office pursued charges of voter fraud against several African Americans, including Albert Tuner, a long-time civil rights activist who helped lead the 1965 voting rights march in Selma. Turner’s brother, Robert, told USA Today in November that his brother and other black residents who were charged with voter fraud were only trying to assist poor, illiterate and elderly voters in casting ballots. Meanwhile, anger among black critics flared at the time as they accused Sessions’ office for rigorously pursuing cases of voter fraud among African Americans while failing to do the same among white voters. Sessions and those who worked in his office eventually went to trial, during which they denied the claims, and were later acquitted. The outrage over Sessions’ troubled past, especially among liberal groups like the NAACP, never subdued.

“As a matter of conscience, the NAACP has chosen not to remain silent on this critical matter,” Birmingham NAACP head Hezekiah Johnson said outside Sessions’ office on Tuesday, according to

“Our main concern is centered around the reality of voter suppression,” he added. “We have found no evidence of his ability, past or present, to be impartial and unbiased as the chief law enforcement officer of the United States of America, especially in the areas of civil rights, voting rights and equal protection under the law.”

Nearly 700 ‘Nasty Women’ Artists Have Teamed Up To Protest Trump: here.