Deport Ferguson demonstrators from the USA, Donald Trump says

Donald Trump's anti-Mexican racism, cartoon

By Nick Gass in the USA:

Ferguson mayor taunts Trump over gang comments

8/26/15 11:34 AM EDT

Updated 8/26/15 11:43 AM EDT

The mayor of Ferguson, Missouri on Wednesday mocked Donald Trump’s assertion that the north St. Louis County suburb and the city of St. Louis have gangs with immigrants in the country illegally.

“I’m assuming that Donald Trump is saying that from his extensive experience in St. Louis and in Ferguson. He has never been here as far as I know.

Republican party presidential candidate Trump has that in common with a ‘witness’ who played a major role in the impunity for the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson. In her Grand Jury testimony, self-confessed racist Sandra McElroy lied that she had been in Ferguson, and had supposedly seen Michael Brown charge ‘like a football player’ policeman Darren Wilson who killed him. Ms McElroy’s lies helped prejudiced prosecuting attorney Robert P. McCulloch to get a non-indictment of Darren Wilson. Ms McElroy’s lies were repeated as gospel truth again and again in the Rupert Murdoch media and by extreme right conspiracy theorists on the Internet.

I’ve never seen any roving bands of illegal immigrants or gangs in Ferguson,” James Knowles said in an interview Wednesday morning with the Fox affiliate in St. Louis. “I think he’s just trying to find headlines and we just gave him one.”

Trump made the remark in response to a question at a press availability in Dubuque, Iowa, on Tuesday night, naming Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis and its northern suburb as places that have numerous incidents of unrest in the past year.

“You know a lot of the gangs that you see in Baltimore and in St. Louis and in Ferguson and Chicago. You know, they’re illegal immigrants,” Trump said. “They’re here illegally. And they’re rough dudes, rough people. They’re going to be gone so fast if I win, that your head will spin. They’re going to be gone so fast, OK?”

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We kind of love Donald Trump as Disney villains.

New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Chris Christie proposed over the weekend that Washington institute a system of control over foreigners entering the country akin to the methods used by the express shipping company Fedex to track its packages. This Orwellian scheme, evoking the branding and police-state hounding of everyone visiting the US, is one more contribution to a 2016 US presidential debate that expresses complete contempt for democratic rights and a seething hatred within ruling circles for workers of every nationality: here.

Sandra Bland gets street name in Texas, USA

Students at Sandra Bland's alma mater, Prairie View A & M University, organized a march in her honour

From ABC in the USA:

Texas street renamed for Sandra Bland

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 11:36PM

A Texas city is renaming a street in memory of Sandra Bland, a Naperville woman found dead in her jail cell last month.

The street is located on the campus of Bland’s alma mater, Prairie View A& M University, and will be called Sandra Bland Parkway.

Earlier Tuesday, students at Prairie View A& M University marked Tuesday night in her honor.

Bland, who was in a Texas jail for three days after being arrested during a traffic stop, is an alum of Prairie View.

Texas officials said the woman committed suicide, but her family disputes that.

From in Texas:

PRAIRIE VIEW, Texas — Sandra Bland’s mother applauded the decision on Tuesday to rename “University Drive” to “Sandra Bland Parkway” in honor of her daughter.

“I am excited,” Geneva Reed-Veal said. “I am overwhelmed, and I am just truly thankful.”

Another resident said it was just a small start.

“This is something that in the very least should happen so that her name remains as a symbol of the greater good,” David Palmer said.

To many people, Sandra Bland’s name will forever be synonymous with a struggle on the side of the road that sparked a movement.

“If that starts dialogue to say what it means for police accountability, for jail accountability, for community accountability to speak up, then it’s a great thing, and I support that,” said resident Sylvia Cedillo.

Also from

PRAIRIE VIEW, Texas — City council members hope renaming the stretch of road after Sandra Bland serves as a constant reminder of the injustices they say she suffered in Waller County.

They also hope it’s a reminder for law enforcement to always follow best practices when making stops on University Drive.

Her mother Geneva Reed-Veal says she could not have imagined Prairie View City Council passing the resolution it did.

“I am overwhelmed, and I am just truly thankful to the city of Prairie View,” Reed-Veal said in a press conference after the decision.

Bland’s name will be seen from the entrance of Prairie View A&M to US-Business 290. Bland was stopped on this very road nearly six weeks ago by a trooper for making an illegal lane change. She was eventually taken to jail and found days later hanging in her cell.

“This is the first step, the very first step,” Reed-Veal said. “There’s still so much more that needs to be done.”

Some felt this debate should have been pushed back.

“You have very few citizens that actually live here that are actually here today to see what’s going on,” said Paulette Matthews-Barnett, a city council member. “Maybe it should’ve been called ‘Memorial Parkway,’ that way, we’d include everybody and not just one.”

Still family members say this vote has meaning.

“We feel the big hug from Prairie View from the citizens that say we stand in solidarity with you,” said Sharon Cooper, Sandra’s sister.

The new name for this road will last three to five years before it’s taken up for a vote again.

There will also be a park dedicated in Bland’s honor not far from the college, and the mayor has asked Prairie View A&M students to come up with an architectural plan for it.

Ohio: What happened after a black motorist was stopped for making ‘direct eye contact’: here.

Black youth dies in Virginia jail cell after being held four months for alleged $5 theft: here.

Police violence against African American women

This video from the USA says about itself:

Say Her Name: Families Seek Justice in Overlooked Police Killings of African-American Women

20 May 2015

As the Black Lives Matter movement grows across the country, the names of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and Freddie Gray have become well known. All died at the hands of local police, sparking waves of protest.

During this time, far less attention has been paid to women who have been killed by law enforcement. Today, a vigil under the banner of Say Her Name is being organized in New York to remember them. We are joined by Kimberlé Crenshaw, professor of law at UCLA and Columbia University, founder of the African American Policy Forum and co-author of the new report, “Police Brutality Against Black Women.”

From the Daily Tar Heel, student newspaper of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the USA:

#SayHerName highlights police violence against black women

Sofia Edelman

25 August 2015

Stories of rape, murder and discrimination against black women were told at the #SayHerName vigil in front of Wilson Library Monday night. The vigil sought to remember transgender and cisgender black women who were killed by police or died in police custody in recent years. “If anyone asks why we are here, we are here to heal so later we can act,” senior June Beshea, who organized the event, said at the beginning of the vigil. “We are here to say her name because so many have not.”

This vigil comes less than a week after the Silent Sam monument was spray-painted with the words “Who is Sandra Bland?” Bland was a black woman who was found dead in her Texas jail cell in July after being arrested during a traffic stop. Her death was ruled a suicide by officials in Waller County, Texas. During the vigil, the stories of the deaths of 10 black women from around the country were told, highlighting whether or not the police officers involved in the event were indicted. Poets and speakers also took the microphone to tell their personal struggles of feeling unsafe because of their skin color.

“I wasn’t trying to educate as much in this event as more give a space to heal,” Beshea said. “But I guess people will come away from it knowing just the scope of black women that are killed by police in this country.” Beyond holding vigils and offering spaces to grieve, Beshea said she plans to use this semester to showcase plays, display art and hold Pit takeovers under the umbrella of “Black Heals” to celebrate blackness. Reverend Robert Campbell, president of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro National Association for the Advancement of Colored People which co-sponsored the vigil with on-campus groups, said he was happy to see college students taking up social justice issues. “All this feeds into why we should focus on what is the value of a life,” Campbell said. “What is the value of a female’s life? What is her worth? Not just as a mother, not just as a sister, but as a human being that should have the same rights as a male.”

Destinee Grove, president of the UNC chapter of the NAACP, which also co-sponsored the vigil, said she hoped the vigil created allies and informed attendees on what they can do as students to become involved in events like the #SayHerName vigil. “I think (Say Her Name) means ‘don’t forget, don’t move on, don’t be undone by the initial murdering of a person and then forget them. Remember these people,’” Grove said. “It’s a catalyst to keep the movement going. If you just take away anything, I think that’s a positive.” Junior Charity Lackey, who spoke at the vigil, said it’s important that individuals inside and outside the black community learn more about violence against women of color. “I get emotionally drained just trying to see all of the women’s lives that are lost,” she said. “You just have to keep your eyes open and your ears open, and listen more than you speak sometimes.”

Neo-nazis attack pro-refugee Germans

Pro-refugee demonstrators in Heidenau, Germany, with 'Stop nazis' sign, photo by Florian Boillot

Translated from daily Junge Welt in Germany today, about yesterday evening 23 August 2015, in Heidenau town near Dresden, where neo-nazis had earlier violently attacked refugees from the war in Syria and police:

Again, only 170 police officers were deployed. With little preparation there were about 250 anti-fascists in the town to demonstrate against the right-wing violence. Every now and then, refugees dared to come out of the shelter and to thank the demonstrators for their solidarity. Police concentrated their attention on the leftist demonstrators while meanwhile in the background violent hooligans and neo-Nazis prepared a new attack.

Repeated shouting of “Sieg Heil” [Third Reich slogan, illegal in Germany] and other provocations were not punished by police. Instead, the police announced they were no longer able to guarantee security. By nightfall, the situation had become more threatening, said photojournalist Christian Ditsch against jW. … Shortly before 23 o’clock up to 150 neo-Nazis attacked in a coordinated way anti-fascists and police. Stones, bottles and dangerous fireworks flew. “The police took no action against that, they were afraid”, Ditsch continued. At least this time one violent perpetrator was arrested [which had not happened during earlier nazi anti-refugee violence in Heidenau].

Pro-refugee demonstrators in Heidenau

Music drives away neo-nazis in Manchester, England

This video from England says about itself:

2 EDL splinter group NWI members arrested in Manchester

23 August 2015

Two members of the North West Infidels (NWI), a far-right splinter group from the English Defence League (EDL), were arrested during a protest rally in Manchester City Centre yesterday against “radical Islam, Zionism, Communism, Irish Republicanism and the militant left.”

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Protesters trolled a far-right group by blasting house music at a neo-Nazi march in Manchester

Members of the far-right group allegedly threw bananas at black people in the crowd, whilst shouting “You’re not British any more”

Siobhan Fenton

Sunday 23 August 2015

Anti-fascist protesters in Manchester have used house music to drown out far-right protestors.

Two groups called The Far Right Infidels and Combat 18

The number ’18’ in the name of the nazi group Combat 18 stands for the first and eighth letters of the alphabet=AH=Adolf Hitler.

attempted to stage the event on Saturday in the city centre. Members appeared to perform Nazi salutes and one was seen wearing Ku Klux Klan robes.

The Manchester Evening News reports that some members threw bananas at black members of the public, whilst shouting “You’re not British anymore.”

Read more

Liverpool fascist march cancelled after barely anyone turns up
Organiser of anti-Jewish rally arrested over anti-Semitic tweets to MP
The humiliation of Neo-Nazis in Liverpool makes me proud to be a Scouser

However, just 40 far-right members turned up to their planned event in total, meaning that they were vastly outnumbered by the 200 anti-fascist counter protesters who also attended.

The latter blasted house music to drown out the sound of the white supremacist groups’ speeches and slogans.

They chanted: “Master race? You’re having a laugh” and “You don’t live in Cheetham Hill or Moss Side- you must be from Emmerdale.”

After an hour, the far-right group were escorted onto a bus and driven out of town.

Emma Leyla Mohareb, from the anti-austerity group The Party Protest, told The Manchester Evening News: “The atmosphere at the protest was brilliant- it was nice to see everyone say ‘no’ to racism in our city.”

Last week, a similar far-right event called the ‘White Man March’ was planned by Neo-Nazis to take place in Liverpool. However, it had to be cancelled after barely anyone turned up and hundreds of locals attended pro-diversity counter protests.

See also here.

Sandra Bland commemoration, 26 August

Sandra Bland

By Fatima Mann in the USA:

#SandyStillSpeaks – Waller County vigil, on August 26, 2015 at 7:30 pm.

Hey love would you mind sharing this email to as many people as you can please?

My name is Fatima Mann and I live in Austin, Texas. I went to Prairie View, Texas which is the town Sandra Bland was arrested in. I went to figure out how I can help, I met and hugged her mom. I told her mom I was going to do everything I can to get justice for her daughter. Me emailing you is one of the things I am doing in order to get justice for Sandra Bland.

Sandra Bland said, “It’s time y’all. It’s time. This thing that I’m holding in my hand. This telephone. This camera. It’s quite powerful. Social media is powerful. We can do something with this. If we want a change, we can really, truly make it happen. We sit out here and talk about how we need the next so and so, and this and that. No you don’t! . . . . God has opened my eyes and shown me, there is truly something that we can do . . . . It’s time to stop knowing that “that was going to happen” and it’s time to start doing something… I need you. I need y’all’s help. I can’t do this by myself.”

Let’s come together to pay homage, come together as a community, and get justice for all those killed without justice. Let us unite to help Sandra Bland get justice for herself, and all those killed by police or in police custody. Every city has a Sandra Bland, someone treated in a harsh manner when arrested. Someone who was someone’s daughter, son, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, and friend. We all have heard of someone in our city, town, county, state, or country who has been treated harshly for their difference and even killed. Join us on August 26th in your city, and pay homage to those taken to soon without justice. Let us hear from the mothers of those who won’t spend another holiday with their child. Let us come together under candlelight to get justice for all those killed unjustly.

Have a vigil in your city, town, county, state, and country on August 26, 2015 at 7:30 pm your time. If you are in Austin we will be having our own vigil starting. Invite every positive social justice organization in your community to help support the event. We have worked to keep her name in social media for thirty days. I’ve been posting positive messages with the same three hash tags for the last week. We have to continue to post positive, informing, and affirming messages until August, 26. Until the day of the vigil.


Mansur Ball-Bey, another police murder in St. Louis, USA?

Mansur Ball-Bey at his graduation

By Evan Blake in the USA:

Autopsy reveals St. Louis police shot teenager Mansur Ball-Bey in the back

22 August 2015

A preliminary autopsy conducted by the St. Louis, Missouri medical examiner has found that 18-year-old Mansur Ball-Bey was killed by one shot to the back by police on Wednesday. The bullet entered his back, struck his heart and ruptured a major artery, killing him almost instantly.

The autopsy results, along with witness testimony, strongly indicate that police have lied to cover up a brutal murder committed by two of their officers.

St. Louis Chief Medical Examiner Michael Graham told Reuters, “He certainly wasn’t facing, his chest wasn’t facing the officers” at the time of the shooting.

The initial police story is that two officers arrived with a search warrant at 1243 Walton Avenue in north St. Louis, and then chased two armed men who they allege fled out the back door to an alley behind the house. “Officers in the rear alley ordered them to stop and to drop the gun,” St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson claimed Wednesday shortly after the shooting. “As they ran, one of the individuals turned and pointed the gun at the officers. There were two officers in the alley, both officers fired.” Dotson further claimed that Ball-Bey continued running after being shot, and threw his weapon to the ground.

The autopsy report alone overturns this story, as the officers undoubtedly fired at Ball-Bey when his back was turned to them. Further, one of the medical examiners that wrote the report told the Ball-Bey family’s attorney, Jermaine Wooten, that since Ball-Bey was hit in an artery, he would have collapsed almost immediately and not been able to continue running as police claim he did.

Ball-Bey’s family and attorney, along with other witnesses, contest every aspect of the official narrative given by police. Above all, they assert that Ball-Bey was unarmed at the time police cut him down. His family highlights the fact that Ball-Bey had just graduated from high school, maintained a steady job at FedEx, was active in the local Moorish Temple and was going to begin college this fall.

Wooten has told the press that Ball-Bey was not even at the home where the officers arrived, but rather in back of a relative’s home two doors down in a shared alleyway. He had visited his family after work and was still wearing his uniform when he was shot.

Another family attorney, Jerryl Christmas, told the Los Angeles Times that Ball-Bey fled because the officers were in plainclothes and did not identify themselves as police. “He saw men with guns and he took off running,” at which point police fired their weapons, Christmas said.

Christmas and Wooten have interviewed multiple witnesses in the area, with each one contradicting the police account. “He was not armed, he did not have a gun; our interviews show that,” Christmas said.

St. Louis has refused to mandate that officers wear body cameras, more than a year after the police murder of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson. This has been a conscious decision carried out by the city, along with most other major American cities, to ensure that killer cops continue to go unpunished. Without video evidence to the contrary, prosecuting attorneys—often closely connected to the police—are under no pressure to mount any investigation into police killings.

In the case of Brown, local prosecuting attorney Robert P. McCulloch rigged the grand jury proceedings to ensure a non-indictment of Officer Wilson, admitting testimony he knew to be perjured. Police murders routinely go unpunished without even the pretense of a grand jury, with officer accounts given full credence in the absence of video footage.

Since the death of Michael Brown, numerous police murders have only been exposed due to bystander or body camera evidence. Most notable was the April 4 murder of unarmed Walter Scott by Officer Michael Slager in North Charleston, South Carolina. Only the presence of bystander cell phone footage secured the possibility of a trial, as Slager sought to cover up the murder by planting his Taser stun gun next to Scott’s lifeless body.

While St. Louis police wring their hands over requiring officers to wear body cameras while on duty, they themselves have begun to actively record the actions of protesters, selectively used to tarnish largely peaceful demonstrations. In the video released after protests held on Wednesday over Ball-Bey’s killing, officers are heard yelling “Rock! Brick!” but neither objects are ever filmed being thrown in the air.

Commenting on this video footage, Dotson declared Thursday, “It is important that we document the things that are happening.”

Authorities have utilized this footage to justify their militarized response to spontaneous protests. As roughly 100 people gathered in the residential neighborhood where Ball-Bey was murdered, officials sent in a SWAT team armed with assault rifles in a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) tank, along with dozens of backup officers. Police then proceeded to arrest nine people over the course of the day. In the evening, they assaulted the few remaining protesters, as well as child bystanders, with a hail of smoke and tear gas.

A black teenager shot and killed by white St. Louis police officers this week died from a single gunshot that entered his back and struck his heart, a medical examiner said on Friday, which appears to contradict the police account of the shooting: here.