Muslims murdered in New York City

This video says about itself:

Muslims Denounce Islamophobia After New York Imam Shot

5 August 2016

Muslims in Queens are standing up to bigotry! After the recent shooting of a well-respected Imam and his assistant, community members join together to protest the killing. They’ve even called the act a hate crime, while the NYPD refuses to acknowledge it as one.

Jewish group expresses solidarity with Muslims after imam is murdered in Queens: here.

The New York City police announced late Monday that they had arrested and charged a Brooklyn man with second-degree murder (upgraded the next day to first-degree murder charges) in connection with the execution-style killings of an imam and his assistant in broad daylight near their mosque in Queens. The community of Bangladeshi immigrants in the Ozone Park area was plunged into mourning, and Muslims throughout the city of 8.5 million expressed alarm over the hostility being stoked by the endless war on terror, and the growing attacks on refugees and immigrants: here.

British nazi fuehrer arrested for fraud

This 2012 music video from Britain is called Angelic UpstartsNazi B.N.P. [The Dirty Dozen].

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

BNP leader arrested for ‘electoral fraud

Monday 15th August 2016

BRITISH National Party leader Adam Walker has been arrested over allegations of electoral fraud, it emerged yesterday.

It is understood that he has been questioned over the fascist party’s expenses in the local elections in Pendle in May.

Candidate John Rowe narrowly lost out on winning a second seat for the BNP in the Lancashire borough, receiving 437 votes to his Conservative opponent’s 473.

Hope Not Hate spokesman Matthew Collins said: “They’ve arrested the leader of a party that’s now expert at losing elections.

“We look forward with great humility to see exactly what authorities come up with in relation to this election.”

Mr Walker is a former teacher who was banned from the profession for life after he chased three schoolboys aged between 10 and 12 in his car, slashing their bike tyres with a Stanley knife.

Texas activist arrested for demonstrating while black

This video from the USA says about itself:

Dominique Alexander

March 7th, 2015 fifty years after Martin Lurther King Jr’s historic march on Selma, Alabama, citizens of Dallas, Texas gather to commemorate the event and draw attention to the ongoing civil rights struggle of today. After marching across the Margret Hunt bridge in tribute to King‘s crossing of the Edmund Pettus bridge on Bloody Sunday a series of speakers outside the Dallas Courthouse sounds the call to action for the next generation of civil rights leaders.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

US: Black lives protest leader arrested

Friday 12th August 2018

POLICE in the US city of Dallas arrested the leader of a Black Lives Matter march on Wednesday night after they had attempted to ban the protest.

Police Chief David Brown had urged organiser Dominique Alexander, founder of civil rights group Next Generation Action Network, to cancel the protest, saying such city centre events posed a “tactical threat” to officers.

The group also organised the July 7 protest that ended with sniper Micah Johnson killing five police before being killed by a police bomb.

Just before the protest was set to begin, Mr Alexander was arrested outside City Hall.

A police spokeswoman said the protest leader was issued a criminal trespass warning and arrested on unrelated warrants for failure to appear in court to pay $5,000 (£3,850) in outstanding road tolls.

His lawyer Kim Cole said her client believed the warrants had been resolved a year before.

About 25 demonstrators gathered outside the jail where Mr Alexander was being held until Ms Cole emerged to say he was safe and in good spirits.

Meanwhile Los Angeles police were yesterday investigating the fatal shooting of a 14-year-old boy by officers.

Police claimed Jesse James Romero shot at police after they were called to investigate a vandalism report in the Boyle Heights district on Tuesday, and that they recovered a revolver from his body.

But the teen’s mother Teresa Dominguez disputed the police account, telling local media that her son was “a good boy.”

“He didn’t do anything violent,” she said.

Within the space of two weeks police in the Los Angeles area have shot and killed three people, including a 14-year-old youth engaged in graffiti, an unarmed man mistaken for a carjacker and an unarmed homeless man on a bicycle: here.

Black Lives matter in England

This video says about itself:

RAW: Black Lives Matter protest blocks motorway to Heathrow Airport, UK

5 August 2016

Police arrested several protesters after dozens of ‘Black Lives Matter‘ activists blocked the motorway route into London’s Heathrow Airport on Friday, by laying down in the middle of the motorway road.

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Black Lives Matter more than traffic

Saturday 6th August 2016

A slower trip to work is nothing – try 24 years of being denied real justice

BLACK rights activists shut down transport routes across England yesterday in protest against institutional racism and deaths in police custody that haven’t led to a single officer conviction since 1969.

Traffic was brought to a standstill by Black Lives Matter UK (BLMUK) activists who locked arms in a human chain and lay on busy motorways and tramlines in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham.

A BLMUK spokesperson said: “We shut down major transport hubs because the conventional avenues to justice have been shut down to us.

“Friends and families of those killed in custody have been failed by police, the judiciary, the Independent Police Complaints Commission and the legislature. We stand with them.

“A few hours’ wait in traffic is nothing compared to the 24 years Leon Patterson’s family have spent fighting for justice [after the 31-year-old died in 1992 in police custody in Manchester].

“Leon was killed in police custody. He had 32 wounds to his body, including part of his nose cut off. There has been no accountability.

“A pathologist admitted in court to fabricating evidence about Leon’s cause of death. Yet no-one has been charged.

“To be stuck in traffic is an irritation. To be denied justice for decades is a crisis.”

The campaign group timed demos for the fifth anniversary of the 2011 death of Mark Duggan — who an inquest jury decided was “lawfully killed” by a police marksman.

The shooting in Tottenham, north London, sparked riots that summer that lasted at least six days in major towns and cities in England including Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool and Manchester.

Protesters caused disruption near Heathrow Airport on an M4 slip road by locking themselves together and lying in the road under a banner that read: “This is a crisis.”

Four people were arrested and remain in custody, Scotland Yard said. Six others, who were locked together, were arrested and police are in the process of releasing them.

The tram system in Nottingham had to close because four people locked together lay on the city centre tracks. Roads in Manchester and Birmingham were also shut down.

Footage showed police officers pulling demonstrators away from the middle of the road near Birmingham Airport. West Midlands Police said four women and one man were arrested.

Police said they put up screens around the protesters so that motorists would not be distracted.

Activists targeted airports because “many people are either being killed at our borders or being sent back to certain death,” according to BLMUK campaigner Adam Elliott Cooper, 29.

A BLMUK activist said in a Facebook video that there have been “1,562 deaths in police custody in my lifetime” — with no officer convictions.

Another campaigner said black people are “up to 37 times more likely” to be stopped and searched and face “far more severe” sentencing than white people for the same offences.

Because of this, it is “vital” that the BLMUK movement is supported in Britain, said Unite Against Fascism and Stand Up to Racism spokesman Weyman Bennett.

He added: “Institutional racism is ignored and when people raise, it it is attacked. It’s also vital we understand that racism is still a definite part and a fundamental flaw in our divided society.

“The aim is not to disrupt people’s holidays — we want to raise the voice of people whose justice is denied.”

Japanese pro-nazi revisionist now ‘defence’ minister

Pictures from Japanese neo-Nazi Kazunari Yamada’s website show him posing with Shinzo Abe’s internal affairs minister, Sanae Takaichi, and his party’s then policy chief, Tomomi Inada

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Japan: Abe gives military brief to war crimes apologist

Thursday 4th August 2016

JAPANESE Prime Minister Shinzo Abe risked upsetting regional neighbours yesterday by naming as defence minister Tomomi Inada, who has excused her country’s war crimes.

Ms Inada, a former minister for regulatory reform who most recently held one of the top posts in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, replaced Gen Nakatani as defence minister.

Mr Nakatani was notorious for pressing for Japan to have a pre-emptive strike capability.

The new defence minister is a regular at Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine, which honours war dead, including convicted war criminals.

Ms Inada has excused Japan’s wartime atrocities, including forcing many Asian women into sexual slavery in military-run brothels, and has headed a party committee to re-evaluate the judgement of Allied war tribunals.

Her link to a notorious anti-Korean group was acknowledged by a court this year in a defamation case she lost.

She was also seen posing with neonazi group leader Kazunari Yamada in a 2011 photo that surfaced in the media in 2014.

With ministers like Ms Inada, ‘defence minister’ sounds more than ever like an euphemism for war minister.

In the wake of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s (LDP) gains in last month’s upper house election, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reshuffled his cabinet on Wednesday in a move that presages further steps towards remilitarisation and pro-market restructuring. The most significant promotion was that of Tomomi Inada to the post of defence minister. Inada, a protégé of Abe, is well known for her extreme right-wing nationalist views. Although in parliament for just 11 years, she has already been mentioned as a possible future prime minister: here.

Emperor Akihito suggested he be allowed to abdicate and indirectly implied opposition to remilitarization and constitutional revision: here.

Belgian soldiers in neonazi paramilitary gang Soldiers of Odin

This video from Britain says about itself:

25 May 2012

World In Action documentary exposing Combat 18.

These two videos are the sequels.

In 2006, there was a scandal in Belgium. Several Belgian army soldiers turned out to be members of the terrorist nazi paramilitary gang Blood and Honour/Combat 18 (aka Bloed, Bodem, Eer & Trouw, BBET, as their magazine was called).

Now, a similar scandal.

Translated from Belga news agency in Belgium today:

Soldiers have to answer to membership of vigilante Soldiers of Odin

03-08-16, 06.40u

Belgian State Security and military intelligence ADIV have since early this year the Belgian branch of Soldiers of Odin in their sight. This write [daily] Het Belang van Limburg and [weekly] Knack today. The extreme right-wing group has international ramifications and is monitored because they have at least four active military men among their members.

Soldiers of Odin was founded by the Finnish neonazi Mika Ranta. The organization has local chapters in various countries, also in Belgium since January. Soldiers of Odin claims to defend Western values and sees itself as an extension of police on the streets.

Asylum seekers

The group opposes the influx of refugees. Four soldiers are members of the organization and have recently been called to account by their commanding officers. The intelligence services also follow two derivative organizations closely: Sons of Odin Antwerp and Warriors of Thor.

Hungarian nazis’ anti-refugee violence

This video says about itself:

Hungarians unite against antisemitism: huge anti-Nazi, anti-Jobbik rally held in Budapest

3 December 2012

Around 10,000 people have taken to the streets in Budapest in protest over what many see as a resurgence of neo-Nazi ideologies in government just days after a far-right MP belonging to the ultranationalist Jobbik party accused Hungary’s Jewish population of posing a national security risk, and called for them to be registered on special lists.

In a rare show of unity on Hungary’s deeply divided political scene, civil rights groups and party leaders from across the spectrum came together for the rally, which was held outside the main parliament building. During the protest, organisers played scenes from a 1944 film about World War Two, in which around 600,000 Jews and 30,000 Roma were killed by Hungarian fascists.

Many demonstrators carried signs critical of the far-right opposition party, Jobbik, which rode to power in 2010 by winning 44 out of 386 parliamentary seats, making it the third largest party in the country in terms of MPs. Many have accused the party of targeting Jewish and travelling Roma minorities in order to win votes, and of inciting racist attacks with hate speech.

From France 24:


A Hungarian mayor makes a show of “migrant-hunting

In the small Hungarian town of Ásotthalom, migrants are regularly being photographed on their knees, hands on their heads, displayed like hunting trophies, with armed militiamen standing by. The mayor of the town is behind the hate-filled hunt for undocumented migrants. According to our Observer, this is just another example of the xenophobic, law-and-order policies in Hungary.

Refugees on the ground, hands bound behind their backs. Photo published by the Jobbik mayor on his Facebook page

Beneath a photo published in June on the Facebook page of Toroczkai Laszlo, the mayor of Ásotthalom, a village of 5,000 on the Serbo-Hungarian border, the caption reads, “Violent invaders 0 – Citizen militia 1.” The image shows three migrant men lying face-down on the ground, their hands bound behind their backs. In another photo, shared more than 300 times, a thickset man in camouflage poses in front of five young men, captured while illegally crossing the border.

Despite a recent report by Human Rights Watch denouncing the violent atacks on migrants by police and militia in Hungary, Laszlo hasn’t hesitated in broadcasting his guards’ “exploits.”

A rising star of the Hungarian far-right – he is vice-president of Jobbik, an openly xenophobic nationalist [neonazi] party –  last summer he launched an armed civilian patrol whose mission is to “capture” migrants near his village. …

Our Observer Márk Zoltán Kékesi is a professor of sociology in Szeged, just a few kilometres from Ásotthalom. With the Hungarian citizens’ collective Migzsol, he helps refugees who are stuck at the Serbo-Hungarian border. He’s worried about Laszlo’s militia and the mayor’s popularity.

“Originally, this militia was supposed to be the equivalent of village policemen, responsible for protecting the fields of the farmers in this border town… But I have spoken with a local farmer who told me there’d been no problems with theft or crime from the migrants, either in homes or in the fields.

In my opinion, this militia is above all else about the mayor portraying a certain image. For instance, he never goes anywhere without his militiamen…

As you can see on Facebook, he likes showing that he’s protecting his village. In his posts, the vocabulary he uses is revealing. He never speaks of ‘migrants’ or ‘refugees.’ He prefers to call them ‘invaders,’ and future terrorists. Of course, no one is shocked by this – it’s the ambient discourse here, especially among politicians. [Editor’s note: In July, for instance, the Hungarian Prime Minister, Victor Orbán, compared immigration to a “poison.”]

“Migrants report being attacked at the border”

What’s worrying is that he’s started a sort of fad. More and more groups are forming to ‘hunt’ migrants at the Serbian border. The idea of ‘self-defence,’ of taking up arms ‘against the invaders,’ is spreading, even if we’re still talking about a fairly small number of people.

Ásotthalom’s patrol is legal with regards to Hungarian law, and the men have the right to carry guns so long as they don’t fire them. The mayor is in total control of all the militia’s communications, so it’s hard to know too much about it – what it does with migrants after capturing them, for instance. We get reports from migrants attacked at the border, but we don’t know who’s behind these incidents. For the refugees, militiamen and uniformed police look alike, and this creates an even more confused atmosphere.

“There’s a fascination for his personality”

For us, the humanitarian workers, it’s impossible to work in this village. We’re not welcome there. The inhabitants don’t seem to care. On the contrary, the mayor is very popular. I think there’s a fascination for his personality. He ended up in Ásotthalom a bit randomly. Although he was born in the region, he started his political career in Budapest. Then he made this village his political showcase. He’s cultivating this image of a young man, surrounded by henchmen, who’s defending the border.” …

He’s also known for having founded the HVIM, the “Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement,” a group that is nostalgic for the era of Greater Hungary – the territory of Hungary before World War I, which included parts or Romania, Croatia, and Serbia – and which marches alongside neo-Nazis.