Trump insults Africa, Haiti, reactions

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Outrage caused by Trump’s insults on countries Haiti & El Salvador

12 January 2018

On today’s From The South, we bring you updates on the outrage caused by Trump‘s insults on countries like Haiti and El Salvador, on one of the largest protests [in Peru] so far against Fujimori‘s pardon, and the talks between the Venezuelan government and opposition in the Dominican Republic. This and more headlines now.


German right-winger wants ‘final solution’ of the refugee question

This 2015 video says about itself:

In the video, “The Development of the ‘Final Solution'”, Dr. David Silberklang provides an overview of what came to be known as the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question“, which ended in the murder of some six million Jews.

Dr. Silberklang identifies several major steps, sometimes occuring concurrently, including the prewar separation and escalating anti-Jewish measures, exploring a territorial solution, increasing murder during the German territorial expansion, murder in other countries and of other groups, early attempts at mass-murder systems, the “Wannsee Conference”, and the fully mechanized mass-murder of the final years of the War.

Dr. David Silberklang is Senior Historian and Editor of Yad Vashem Studies at theInternational Institute for Holocaust Research, Yad Vashem.

Part 1: Introduction 00:00
Part 2: Persecution and Murder Beyond Germany’s Borders 3:32
Part 3: Systematic Murder Begins and Spreads 5:04
Part 4: The “Final Solution to the Jewish Question” 9:58

Archival footage and photographs: Yad Vashem Archive Yad Vashem Photo Archive. Yad Vashem Film Archive. Yad Vashem Museum Collection, The Yad Vashem Visual Center, Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Agentur Karl Höffkes Bundesfilmarchiv/Transit Film GmbH. Footage of Rudolf Bohlmann used with the kind permission of Eginhard Teichmann. Staatsarchivs Stuttgart. The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Music (Beeld en Geluid).

Every effort has been made to locate the copyright holders to obtain the appropriate permissions and apply the correct attributions. If you have any information that would help us in relation to copyright, please contact us

By Marianne Arens and Martin Kreickenbaum in Germany:

German politician proposes “final solution” of the refugee question

12 January 2018

The current backroom talks between the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Union parties—the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Christian Social Union (CSU)—are aimed at establishing another grand coalition government pledged to carrying out further attacks on democratic rights. In this respect, attacks on the rights of refugees are a linchpin for undermining the basic democratic rights of the entire working class.

To this end, German politicians are reviving the vilest traditions of National Socialism (Nazism). This was confirmed most recently by a statement made by a leading CSU politician, Manfred Weber, who heads the conservative European People’s Party faction in the European Parliament. On January 5, at a closed-door meeting of the CSU parliamentary group, Weber declared, “In 2018, the central European issue will be a final solution to the refugee issue.”

The parallel to the phrase “final solution of the Jewish question” used by the Nazis to describe the murder of millions of Jews was so obvious that several newspapers felt obliged to comment.

In order to “solve” the “problem” at a European level, Weber called for closer cooperation with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who attended the CSU meeting as an honoured guest. Orbán is notorious for his brutal treatment of refugees, who are systematically deprived of basic human rights in Hungary.

Following a massive backlash on social media, Weber responded by claiming that his statement had been subject to “deliberate misinterpretation.”

The projects currently being discussed in relation to refugee and asylum policy testify to a rapid lurch to the right across the entire political spectrum. The CDU, CSU and Greens, in their previous negotiations with the Free Democratic Party (FDP), had already agreed on a tightening of asylum policy. However, the proposals and demands that are now being discussed for a future grand coalition go much further.

To date, the following measures have evidently been agreed:

* A maximum of 200,000 refugees are to be admitted to Germany each year. Thomas Strobl (CDU), deputy to the premier of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann (Greens), has gone so far as to plead in a local newspaper for a limit of just 65,000 annually.

* The Maghreb states (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) are to be definitively classified as “safe countries of origin.” This means that all refugees from these countries lose their status as “tolerated” migrants and can be deported immediately. The CDU-CSU is even calling for deportations to Syria and all parties are already organising deportations to Afghanistan, in open disregard of the assessment by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees of the situation in these war-torn countries.

* The suspension of family reunification for refugees with limited protection status is to be extended indefinitely. The previous suspension is due to expire in March.

* For all newly arriving asylum seekers, “decision-making and repatriation centres” are to be set up, in which people are required to remain in one centre until their case is settled. Such centres already exist in Bamberg, Ingolstadt and Heidelberg. The immigrants there receive basic material benefits as well as a social allowance of 120 euros (adults) and 67 euros (children) per month.

CSU parliamentary leader Alexander Dobrindt is also demanding that asylum seekers be restricted to the lowest level of social assistance for three years. Up to now, this restriction has applied to asylum seekers for a period of 15 months. Those refused residency and “tolerated” refugees will be denied any sort of financial assistance.

This last demand clearly contradicts a judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court, which decided two years ago that the resulting 30 percent lowering of payments to refugees was unconstitutional.

The proposals are accompanied by a vicious media campaign. In the first week of January, a study by the Lower Saxony criminologist Christian Pfeiffer, commissioned by the Ministry for Family Affairs, was used to this end. It alleged that there was a “link between refugees and crime”, declaring that there had been an increase in violent crime of 10.4 percent between 2014 and 2016. According to the study, 92 percent of this increase is due to felonies committed by refugees.

The study was promoted heavily by the media to demonstrate that young male refugees were more prone to crime and therefore more likely to be deported. In reality, the study permits a very different interpretation: it is precisely the neglect and lack of prospects for young people vegetating in overcrowded camps and “without any perspective to stay” that leads to desperation and sometimes criminal acts. The causes are social, not ethnic.

The entire political establishment, from the right to the so-called left, is now pursuing a xenophobic course that largely corresponds to the line of the far-right Alternative for Germany. This is confirmed by statements made by leading politicians.

Left Party leaders Sahra Wagenknecht and Oskar Lafontaine recently stated in Die Welt that they did not support their own party’s draft paper on immigration. Any demand for “open borders for all people,” declared Wagenknecht, was at most a “vision of the future,” but “not a demand for today’s world.”

Lafontaine added, “Right of residency and 1,050 euros for all who come to us are unrealistic proposals.” Wagenknecht heads the Left Party faction in the German parliament and Lafontaine is a former chairman of the party.

But it is above all the SPD that has emerged as the advocate of the reactionary asylum legislation. The former interior minister of the state of North Rhine Westphalia, Ralf Jäger introduced a decree in December 2016 whereby asylum seekers or tolerated refugees who cannot be found at a specific time can be hunted down and detained immediately.

In the previous grand coalition government, the SPD launched Asylum Package II in March 2016, which opened the door to the destruction of basic democratic rights for refugees. Today, SPD ministers often boast of their efficiency in carrying out deportations. At the end of November 2017, Berlin Interior Senator Andreas Geisel boasted that 1,500 people had been deported from Berlin since the start of the year.

As for the Free Democratic Party, its refugee policy increasingly resembles that of its fellow neo-liberal Austrian party, the Freedom Party, which is pursuing a blatantly far-right course. FDP Chairman Christian Lindner is now in favour of deporting minors. He hypocritically limits his demand to “underage criminal asylum seekers”, but the deportation of children in Germany sets an abominable precedent.

It is not just the rhetoric of politicians calling for a “final solution to the refugee question” and calls for the “bundling” (the Nazis called it “concentration”) of asylum seekers in “repatriation centres” that recall the criminal activities of the Third Reich. The link is also evident in the reactionary, police-bureaucratic manner with which government authorities act against refugees. Entire families are torn from their beds in the early hours by armed police for deportation. Their entire lives are destroyed.

According to official figures, 22,190 people were deported from Germany between January and November 2017. This corresponds approximately to the number of deportations in 2016, when 25,000 people were deported in twelve months.

The number of immigrants deported to the Maghreb countries of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia has risen sharply since last year. This is especially true for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, where the new CDU-FDP administration led by Premier Joachim Stamp (FDP) has created a specific “refugee minister.” Stamp bragged that with the deportations, “We have achieved our first remarkable successes.” Last year, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia deported more than 6,000 refugees, almost 1,000 more than in 2016. In addition, there were almost 11,000 so-called “voluntary returnees.”

Many people have been deported to the Balkans. Entire families who have been living in Germany for many years are deported so suddenly that they are unable to say their farewells or properly pack their belongings. This is especially the case in the state of Thuringia … . According to the Ministry of Migration, there were 600 deportations in Thuringia up to November. Over the same period, 582 refugees left the small state as part of its so-called “voluntary” repatriation scheme.

Most of the deportations from Thuringia were to western Balkan states, above all to Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. Recently, the Refugee Council of Thuringia drew attention to the deportation of the Rustemi family. Although the young father was involved in a training program and learning German, the entire family, including two small children, was deported to Kosovo.

Another brutal deportation, from North Rhine-Westphalia, was reported shortly before Christmas. Family B. with four children was awakened on December 13 at 5 in the morning and deported from Dusseldorf Airport to Pristina. Only the eldest son (17), who was not at home, was spared deportation. In January, a committee of the North Rhine-Westphalia parliament was formed to decide on the status of the family.

The parents had grown up in Germany but had been denied a residency permit and had to leave for Kosovo at the turn of the millennium, where they experienced the pogroms carried out against Roma in the country. They returned to Germany and, after a year-long odyssey, arrived in Münsterland, where the five children attended school.

Today, the children speak only German and some Romanesque, but not Albanian. Since Kosovo is considered a “safe country of origin” the remaining six family members were expelled to a Roma neighbourhood in the city of Gjakova, where there is no accommodation, work or social benefits.

Trump scared of visiting Britain

This video from the USA says about itself:

Trump’s Visit To UK Cancelled After He Angers The Entire Country

1 December 2017

Diplomats have decided to cancel Donald Trump’s planned “working visit” to the UK after the entire country has spoken out against Trump for his recent retweeting of a neo-fascist organization. On top of that, Trump can’t seem to stop insulting British leader Theresa May online, causing the country to tell him “thanks, but no thanks” on the visit. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what this means for the United States.

That was still a bit premature then. However, now …

From daily The Independent in Britain today

Nigel Farage: Donald Trump cancelled UK visit over public protests led by likes of Jeremy Corbyn and Sadiq Khan

by Joe Watts

Nigel Farage has blamed Jeremy Corbyn and London Mayor Sadiq Khan for backing protests that could have deterred Donald Trump from visiting the UK.

The ex-Ukip leader hit out after news broke overnight that the US President had cancelled a visit planned for next month to open his country’s new embassy in London.

As well as the visit to open the embassy, Mr Trump is supposed to be in line for a state visit. But the idea appears to have been put on ice amid concern about demonstrations.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Farage said: “It’s disappointing. He’s been to countries all over the world and yet he’s not been to the one with whom he’s closest. I think it’s disappointing.

“Maybe just maybe Sadiq Khan, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party planning mass protests, maybe those optics he didn’t like the look of.”

News that Mr Trump had ditched his visit in February to open the new US embassy at Battersea was broken by the Daily Mail, which confirmed no new date had been offered for the trip.

With demonstrators having threatened mass protests if Mr Trump ever set foot in the country, the President himself took to Twitter to explain the cancellation.

He claimed it was because the Obama administration had made a “bad deal” by moving the embassy, though official records show it was the previous Bush administration that had signed it off.

Mr Trump is understood to be sending US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson instead and while Downing Street has declined to comment, No 10 is aware the “working visit” had been postponed.

Theresa May‘s office also continues to insist that the offer of a state visit to Mr Trump, with the pomp, ceremony and meeting with the Queen that it entails, still stands.

It was first made when the Prime Minister visited Washington last year and was pencilled in for later in 2017, but was pushed back as concern grew about protests, particularly at Buckingham Palace.

In the intervening period Mr Trump strained relations further with a series of controversial comments about the UK, including attacking Mr Khan’s handling of terror strikes and falling out with Ms May after promoting propaganda from a British far-right group.

TRUMP IS CANCELING HIS TRIP TO LONDON And blaming Barack Obama, although British media report it may have been because the White House feared protests. Some Londoners seem less than heartbroken by the news.

Downing Street has accused Jeremy Corbyn and Sadiq Khan of jeopardising relations with America for telling Donald Trump he is not welcome in Britain, after the US president called off a planned visit to London in the face of likely mass protests. In a move that reinforces Theresa May’s determination to remain publicly close to Trump, despite accusations of racism and his liaisons with the far right, Downing Street backed an accusation from the foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, that Labour was risking transatlantic ties: here.

Trump UK visit: Boris Johnson rages at Corbyn and Khan for ‘endangering US investment in Britain’. Foreign Secretary lashes out over cancellation of London trip by President, who is facing widespread international condemnation over ‘racist’ comments: here.

Donald Trump referred to Haitians and Africans as coming from ‘s***hole countries’, says report. It is the latest reported example of Mr Trump insulting Haitians in the Oval Office: here.

President Donald Trump on Thursday delivered a racist and fascistic rant against immigrants from “shithole countries,” such as Haiti and states in Africa, during a bipartisan White House meeting on immigration “reform”: here.

Trump, “Shitholes,” and White Supremacy: Building Resistance on 8th Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake my Family and I Survived. With his analogy between Black people and feces, Trump has once again shown the world his commitment to wickedness, vulgarity, and racism, by Jesse Hagopian.

THE PRESIDENT SLAMMED PROTECTIONS FOR IMMIGRANTS FROM HAITI AND AFRICAN NATIONS Which he reportedly described as “s***hole countries” before suggesting he’d prefer to see more immigrants from countries like Norway. Few Republicans have acknowledged the comment, but some are speaking out. GOP Rep. Mia Love, the first Haitian-American woman elected to Congress, is among the politicians calling for an apology — “My parents came from one of those countries,” she said. The Norwegians aren’t happy either.  [HuffPost]

‘A New Low.’ The World Is Furious at Trump for His Remark About ‘Shithole Countries’: here.

Dutch Islamophobic nazi death threat

Fake blood in Zaanstad death threat

Translated from the site De Orkaan in Zaanstad, the Netherlands:

January 10, 2018

Threatening letter with swastika and ‘blood’ splashes

When Aysel and her husband arrived home late in De Weer neighbourhood in Zaandam, there was still nothing to see. They both had worked an evening shift and her husband goes to bed, Aysel stays up for a while.

When Aysel also wanted to sleep, she walked to the front door to lock it. Through the window she sees red splashes. She thinks that her husband may have spilled something and opens the door.

She is shocked: it is everywhere. On the door, on the rain pipe and on the kitchen window. She thinks it’s blood. There is a note on the door. It has a swastika with the text:

Fucking Muslims, die.”

Aysel takes the note from the door, wakes up her husband and calls the police. The police arrive quickly, and then they see that there is also something written on the back:

“If you will visit the mosque once more, you are going to be killed“.

The ‘blood’ turned out to be red paint.

There is fear today, one day later, for Aysel, her husband and her children. But they are also surprised. They have lived there for years, and have never felt discriminated against. A month or two ago there was spitting on their front door, but they did not make much of it. Today Aysel heard from a Turkish woman neighbour that they too had a letter.

Donald Trump attacks immigrants

This 9 January 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

President Trump is meeting with Republican and Democratic lawmakers at the White House today over his offer to protect the nearly 800,000 young undocumented immigrants known as DREAMers in exchange for funding to build a border wall.

The meeting comes one day after the Trump administration announced it is ending the temporary protected status for as many as 250,000 Salvadorans who have been living in U.S. since 2001. The temporary protected status, known as TPS, had given the Salvadorans legal permission to live and work in the United States. It was enacted in 2001 after a devastating pair of earthquakes hit El Salvador.

The Trump administration has already said it will end temporary protected status for tens of thousands of Haitian, Nicaraguan and Sudanese immigrants living in the United States. For more, we speak with a Stony Brook University student named Rodman, who is a member of Make the Road New York. He is a U.S. citizen whose parents are Salvadoran TPS recipients. He asked us not to use his last name to protect his family. We also speak with Anu Joshi, immigration policy director at the New York Immigration Coalition.

FEDERAL JUDGE ORDERS TRUMP ADMINISTRATION TO KEEP DACA IN PLACE While a lawsuit proceeds. In a meeting with congressional leaders Tuesday, President Donald Trump said he’d be open to a deal that would pair protections for undocumented young people with border wall security. Tucker Carlson is none too happy about the news Trump would be amiable to a DACA deal, saying “What was the point of running for president?” [HuffPost]

DACA latest: Donald Trump attacks ‘unfair’ judge for blocking him from scrapping ‘Dreamers’ programme. Mr Trump calls court system ‘broken’ after a ruling against his policy: here.

Late Tuesday Judge William Alsup of the US District Court for the Northern District of California ruled that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, an Obama era policy which covers undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children, must remain in limited effect nationwide pending the outcome of a separate court case challenging the Trump administration’s decision to phase out the program entirely by March: here.

By Eric London in the USA:

Democrats grovel as Trump pledges anti-immigrant attacks in White House meeting

10 January 2018

Following a meeting at the White House yesterday with Democratic and Republican leadership, the Democratic Party and the bourgeois press fawned as President Donald Trump advanced his far-right-wing proposals to crack down on immigration in the United States.

Trump repeated his previous position that he would be willing to consider extending the rights of 800,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients in exchange for a massive militarization of the US-Mexico Border.

“We need a certain portion of that border to have the wall,” Trump said during the meeting, roughly half of which was televised. “If we don’t have it, you can never have security.”

The New York Times gushingly called Trump’s comments “a remarkable break with the divisive messaging that propelled Mr. Trump to the White House and the harsh policies that have defined his first year in office.” Trump and Democrats “appeared to produce some progress”, the paper said.

In reality, Trump repeated his fascistic anti-immigrant line. “Drugs are pouring into our country at a record pace and a lot of people are coming in that we can’t have”, Trump told the bipartisan group of congressional leaders.

First, he said, “We need a wall”, conceding that a wall would not be necessary in parts of the desert so inhospitable that those crossing will die trying. Second, Trump said any negotiated legislation “has to be a bill to end chain migration” which “is bringing in many, many people with one, and often it doesn’t work out very well. Those many people are not doing us right.”

Trump then cited a crime allegedly carried out by an undocumented immigrant who “ran over—killed eight people and many people injured badly. Loss of arms, loss of legs. Horrible thing happened, and then you look at the chain of all the people that came in because of him. Terrible situation.”

Third, Trump called for eliminating the visa lottery system, claiming that countries are “not giving you their best names; common sense means they’re not giving you their best names. They’re giving you people that they don’t want.” Though these statements went unchallenged, they are patently false. Asylum seekers and desperate relatives make up the bulk of those applying for the visa lottery, and just 1 percent of applicants succeed in winning visas.

The Democratic response was worse than pathetic. They joked and laughed alongside Trump, who not 24 hours before had announced he was ending Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to over 250,000 Salvadoran immigrants.

The Times neglected to mention this decision as part of their claim that Trump broke with his “efforts to demonize and deport immigrants who have entered the country illegally.” Trump is preparing to deport Salvadorans who have lived in the US for more than two decades to one of the world’s most violent and impoverished countries where many will be killed as a result. No Democrat mentioned this in their remarks during the televised meeting.

“We’re all honored to be part of this conversation,” whimpered Senator Richard Durbin, Democratic Senate minority whip, adding “there are elements you’re going to find Democrats support when it comes to border security. We want a safe border in America, period, both when it comes to the issues of illegal migration, but also when it comes to drugs and all these other areas.”

Democratic House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer added, “Democrats are for security at the borders; I want to state that emphatically. There is not a Democrat that is not for having secure borders.” Hoyer told the president, “And then, because I think everybody around the table, as you pointed out, is for security—and then the issue is going to be how do we best effect that border security.”

Judging by the servile approach taken by the Democrats to Trump’s immigration program, one would have little idea that the Democrats are waging a daily press campaign to denounce Trump as a crazy idiot subject to removal under the 25th amendment. But such attacks are limited to when Trump’s conduct toward Russia is in question. When it comes to the mass deportation of hundreds of thousands of immigrants, the Democrats and Trump are in basic agreement. Toward the end of 2017, the Democrats voted two-to-one against considering articles to impeach Trump, in part, over his anti-immigrant campaign.

Increased “border security”, upon which both parties agree, means more drones, more agents, more barbed wire, more motion sensors, more floodlights, more barriers, more deportations, and more deaths in the US-Mexico borderlands.

Up to 27,000 people have died since 1994, when the Democratic Party administration of Bill Clinton implemented Operation Hold the Line and Operation Gatekeeper, militarizing the borders in El Paso and San Diego, respectively, and forcing immigrants to cross in the inhospitable deserts of the American southwest.

As for Trump’s attacks on “chain migration,” which none of the Democrats verbally opposed, these are working-class families who petition for husbands, wives, and relatives to enter the United States to unify their families and protect their loved ones from persecution at the hands of drug gangs and corrupt governments and police backed by US imperialism.

The alternative, a so-called “merit-based” approach, means standardizing class-based discrimination and barring immigration to those without advanced degrees or white-collar employment contracts.

On the question of a border wall, Trump spoke some truth when he referred to the 2006 bipartisan Secure Fence Act, saying, “We also—as you know, it was passed in 2006—an essentially similar thing, which—a fence, a very substantial fence was passed. But, unfortunately, I don’t know, they never got it done. But they need it.”

Indeed, included among those who supported this bill to build a wall along the border were Senators Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer. Each is responsible for the lives of countless immigrants who have died attempting to escape poverty and violence in search of a better life. Today, the Democrats posture as opposed to a border wall in an effort to save face in front of a growing section of the Latino voting population.

Negotiations will continue through the week before the January 19 deadline for extending funding for the federal government. March 5 is the date the DACA recipients will be unable to reapply for the program. At the moment, it appears likely some type of deal will be reached on extending protections for DACA in order to provide Democrats with a fig leaf for the 2018 midterm elections.

The trade-offs Democrats will make to secure DACA protection will be disastrous for the estimated 12 million undocumented people living in the United States, as well as for the family members of legal immigrants in their devastated home countries across Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia desperately seeking a way out of conditions of war, poverty and persecution.

An element of the negotiations is to split the immigrant populations against one another in an effort to block the development of a movement against deportations involving broader sections of the working class, both immigrant and US-born.

The Socialist Equality Party rejects the framework of this bipartisan bargain, in which 800,000 DACA recipients are treated like a bargaining chip to be traded away at the expense of Salvadoran TPS recipients, travelers and refugees affected by Trump’s “Travel Ban 3.0”, or those future immigrants forced to travel through the desert. All immigrants have a right to travel freely throughout the world without fear of deportation or harassment.

An interview with Javier Luengo-Garrido, Coordinator at ACLU-Massachusetts’ Immigrant Protection Project: here.

ICE agents descended on dozens of 7-Eleven stores Wednesday in a nationwide immigration operation to audit workers’ status: here.

American racist Bannon sacked from White House, sacked from Breitbart

This video from the USA says about itself:

Breitbart, Milo Lose Megadonor Robert Mercer

2 November 2017

[Racist pedophilia advocate] Milo will need to find someone else to fund his neo-Nazi propaganda. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down …

“Hedge-fund billionaire Bob Mercer, a major Republican donor who supported Donald Trump, announced Thursday that he would be selling his stake in Breitbart News to his daughters; pulling his funding from Milo Inc., the controversial entertainment venture run by Milo Yiannopoulos; and relinquishing his co-C.E.O. title at Renaissance Technologies, where he oversaw more than $50 billion in assets, to take a non-management role.”

Read more here.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Steve Bannon to leave role at Breitbart News following ‘Fire and Fury’ furore

by Clark Mindock, New York

Tuesday 9 January 2018 21:29 GMT

Steve Bannon is stepping down from his role as executive chairman at Breitbart News, the website has confirmed. …

The departure marks an incredible fall from grace for Mr Bannon, who resigned from his post as chief White House strategist just months ago after rumours of in-fighting within the West Wing. Mr Bannon said then that his leaving was pre-planned, and that he could better support President Donald Trump at the helm of Breitbart. The news of his stepping down signifies the end of his latest tenure in control of the platform. …

Mr Bannon appeared to enjoy the support of Mr Trump up until last week, when excerpts from a new book detailing the inner workings of the first year of the Trump White House began to be reported. After those reports began to surface, Mr Bannon quickly lost his support from the President, and — perhaps even more damaging — from the billionaire Mercer family, which had bankrolled Mr Bannon’s efforts at Breitbart.

US Vice President Pence, Fox News and the extreme right

This April 2017 video from the USA is called Fox News is extremely racist.

From Newsweek in the USA, this update about the Rupert Murdoch empire:

Fox host Laura Ingraham shares neo-Nazi tweet

08 Jan 2018 at 10:48 ET

Fox News host Laura Ingraham caused controversy Sunday by sharing a tweet by a British neo-Nazi with links to former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.

In the tweet Ingraham, who has nearly two million Twitter followers, shared a video from the account of Mark Collett apparently showing rubbish left on the streets of a city and people sleeping rough.

That video was also posted by nazis on YouTube, with as music ‘Coon town’, an anti-African American hate song by the late pro-Ku Klux Klan country singer ‘Johnny Rebel’.

“How about a romantic walk through Paris? This is what third world immigration does to Europe”, the tweet by Collett read. Ingraham, who hosts a show on Fox’s 10 p.m. slot, shared Collett’s tweet …

The Ingraham tweet was first flagged by liberal media watchdog Media Matters.

Collett is the former chairman of the youth division of the British National Party, a British ultranationalist political group. He was eventually dismissed from the party after making death threats to its then leader.

He has expressed his admiration for Adolf Hitler, declared AIDS a “friendly disease because blacks, drug users and gays have it” and referred to immigrants as “cockroaches”.

Collett is a frequent guest on Duke’s radio show, in which the two propagate anti-Semitic and other racist views, and Duke has endorsed Collett’s book.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes criticized Ingraham for sharing the video. “Gonna share this one next?” he tweeted, about a video in which Collett compared refugees to raccoons.

A spokesman for U.K. charity Hope not Hate, which campaigns to counter racism, described Collett as a “Jew-hating Hitler admirer.” The spokesman told Newsweek, “He’s on the extreme end of the far right in Britain and no-one in their right mind should, even out of ignorance, share his stuff on social media.

“He currently collaborates with ex-KKK leader David Duke and has a long and inglorious history on the fringes of the white supremacist scene in the UK.”

President Donald Trump in November retweeted videos posted on the social network by British ultranationalist activist Jayda Fransen, which allegedly showed Muslims committing crimes. At least one of the videos did not show what Fransen claimed it did. Trump’s tweets were condemned by British Prime Minister Theresa May, whom Trump then attacked for rebuking him.

In September, Fox News host Tucker Carlson was criticized for promoting Gab on his show, a social media platform favored by the alt-right. In December he apologized for sharing a tweet from the white nationalist and anti-Semitic Red Ice website.

Fox News had not responded to a request for comment at the time of publication.

United States Vice President Mike Pence shares ‘intimate’ dinner with right-wing pastor who prays for deaths of liberal justices: here.