German corporations’ role in Auschwitz Holocaust

The IG Farben corporate magazine with prominently Nazis on the cover. Together with the SS, the company built a gigantic biochemical factory in Auschwitz

This photo shows the IG Farben corporate magazine with prominently Nazis on the cover. Together with the SS, the company built a gigantic biochemical factory in Auschwitz.

Translated from Belgian weekly Knack, 23 Ovtober 2019:

Exhibition in Kazerne Dossin: “From Krupp to Siemens: all major corporations were in Auschwitz

The exhibition in Kazerne Dossin takes a new look at Auschwitz. Yes, it was the biggest racist murder factory of the Nazis, say curators Christophe Busch and Hans Citroen. But it was also a colonial and industrial project. “German industry was the real engine behind the camp.”

AT THE edge of the former concentration and death camp at Auschwitz is a suburban 1930s villa with a carefully tended garden — the kind of house a well-off middle-class family might aspire to in any European town. This was the home of Rudolf Hoess, commandant of Auschwitz, who transformed the Polish army barracks there into a huge prison and extermination camp, primarily for the industrialised murder of Jews and Gypsies: here.

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