Moonies’ mass shotgun wedding in the USA

Moonies' mass AR-15 wedding in the USA

By Josh Salisbury, 3rd March 2018, 9:37 AM:

Anti-gay church marries couples toting assault rifles in gun control protest

An anti-gay church has married dozens of straight couples toting deadly assault rifles, in a protest over gun control.

The World Peace and Unification Sanctuary, from Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, held a mass ceremony to marry the couples and encouraged them to bring their weapons with them.

The Church – which has a homophobic, racist and anti-Semitic ideology according the Southern Poverty Law Centre, a hate monitoring body – believes that guns are the ‘rods of iron’ referred to in the Old Testament.

Attendees at the ceremony wore crowns made of bullets and venerated the AR-15s that they had bought with them for their wedding ceremony. An AR-15 was used in the Parkland school shooting in Florida on February 14 which left 17 dead.

Demonstrators against Moonies' AR-15 mass wedding

A nearby school was forced to close over concerns for children’s safety as the religious group held their ceremony, while state police watched over the elaborate ritual to ease community tensions.

The group is an offshoot of the controversial Unification Church established by the late self-styled messiah, Rev Sun Myung Moon.

Followers of the Unification Church, known as ‘moonies’, often took part in mass weddings, with critics alleging that attendees were made to marry complete strangers.

Neither the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary nor its parent organisation believe in equal marriage.

The cult views guns as “religious accoutrements” and has become increasingly vocal following the growing clamour for greater gun control in the United States.

“Each of us is called to use the power of the ‘rod of iron’ not to arm or oppress as has been done in satanic kingdoms of this world, but to protect God’s children”, said the Sanctuary’s leader, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon in a statement.

FBI Raids Home Of White Supremacist Who Claimed He Trained Parkland Shooter. March 22, 2018. By Aiden Pink.


45 thoughts on “Moonies’ mass shotgun wedding in the USA

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  2. On March 24th, the survivors and families of the Parkland, Florida school shooting will lead supporters in a march on the streets of Washington DC, with others gathering in Hawai‘i and communities across the country.

    They will call on Congress to make their lives a priority by taking action to pass gun safety legislation that can help prevent mass shootings in America’s schools. They want to be heard, and they want action. And we at the Sanders Institute are proud to stand with these courageous young people today and every day.

    Enough is enough. The issue of guns in America has turned into a highly partisan one, being used by political parties to stoke divisiveness, rather than actually solve the problem. It’s time to put the rhetoric aside and put the safety of our kids, families, and communities first.


    The vast majority of Americans, those who own guns and those who don’t, agree with the actions these students are calling for—banning military-style assault weapons, increasing the minimum age to buy guns, universal background checks, and closing gun show loopholes. These are common sense efforts that can and should be enacted now.

    Please join my colleagues and me at the Sanders Institute in doing everything possible to support the March for Our Lives efforts and urging leaders in Congress to take action now to prevent more lives from being lost.


    Rep. Tulsi Gabbard – Congresswoman from Hawai‘i
    Founding Fellow of The Sanders Institute


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