Dutch Islamophobe suspected of terrorism

This December 2017 video is called Islamophobia UK. Violent white English youth attacks Muslim man in Manchester England.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

A 43-year-old man from Lingewaard is suspected of preparing a terrorist act. The suspect wanted to commit an attack on Muslims, according to the Public Prosecutor.

The man was arrested on 23 May and has since been detained. The Public Prosecution Service started an investigation on the basis of “information that the man considered violence against Muslims justified and would perform acts to do so“.

The Public Prosecution had, eg, indications that the man possessed explosives. During a search, officers found a gun and “a large number” of bullets.

… The pro-forma court session will take place on 7 September and more will be made clear about the case then.

According to this report, there were two guns in the house of suspect Vincent T. in Pannerden village. His parents say that their son had taken the bag full of bullets, which the police found, from the Dutch army. Vincent T. was a former Air Mobile Brigade soldier, and now a commando. In 2007, he was a provincial assembly election candidate for the extreme right EvdV party, inspired by Geert Wilders.

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