Donald Trump’s life-endangering ‘Flu Klux Klan’

This 22 April 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Republican: MY Money Is More Important Than YOUR Life

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is as stupid as they come. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks.

“Claiming that he was “vindicated” by businesses being shut down by states’ stay-at-home orders, Patrick said on Monday night during a Fox News interview that the new plan to reopen Texas businesses was “long overdue.”

The Texas leader then doubled down on his grim argument for allowing people to be put at risk of death from COVID-19 to help the economy recover from the damage brought on by the outbreak – a proposal that was immediately met with a flood of criticism.”

Read more here.

This video from the USA says about itself:

Crass Stupidity of the Flu Klux Klan – Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Covid 19

Healthcare workers in the USA are counter demonstrating against dying for Wall Street, as advocated by these Donald TrumpKoch brothersDeVos billionaire family astroturf military gun-toting ‘Flu Klux Klan‘ mobs.

They are called Flu Klux Klan as United States President Donald Trump dismissed the COVID-19 pandemic killing ten thousands of people as just a little ‘flu’.

Their fake ‘arguments’ surely are similar to the Ku Klux Klan.

By Sean Yoes in the USA:

Birth of the `Flu Klux Klan’

Race and Politics

April 23, 2020

Whoever it was who tagged the disheveled hordes of wild-eyed, mostly White legions of [not] social distancing protesters the “Flu Klux Klan”, I want to hand you a $1,200 stimulus check (with Trump’s name blotted out) on behalf of Black people all over America.

I didn’t have time to do a precise etymological social media search for the author of the Flu Klux Klan moniker, but I saw it on a Facebook post, which captured a still of an Instagram post, which cited an unknown social media post. So, there you have it; the origin of the FKK is pretty dubious like those simple-minded “protesters” themselves.

However, I do know the name of Stephen Moore, the deranged Trump economic adviser who likened these flailing, sometimes gun-toting hoodlums to our beloved Rosa Parks.

“This is a great time, gentlemen and ladies, for civil disobedience. We need to be the Rosa Parks here and protest against these government injustices,” Moore said during an interview on a YouTube show called, “Freedom on Tap,” on April 14. I can’t use the words I want to use here to describe the level of disrespect and unmitigated White arrogance displayed by Moore in comparing these fools to one of the great icons of the modern civil rights movement. I’ll just say Stephen Moore needs to keep Mother Parks’ name out of his lying mouth.

If hypocrisy was a cult, its members would all be wearing MAGA hats.

For the past week or so, members of the FKK have been throwing tantrums in states mostly where Democratic governors reside (Michigan, Virginia, Colorado, Pennsylvania), “protesting” the social distancing, stay at home orders implemented by the majority of the states in the country. Some of the FKK members come brandishing weapons. Most wear Trump MAGA paraphernalia, wielding nonsensical signs usually with misspelled words. Let’s cut to the chase. Since Trump implemented his national emergency order, with social distancing mandates, he cut off one of the greatest sources of his ghoulish power, infamous MAGA rallies. So, it’s plain to my eye that these right-wing outbursts aimed mostly at Democratic governors (many of which Trump has openly feuded with during the pandemic emergency) are doubling as MAGA rallies. Get it? MAGA rally, equals FKK rally.

And of course Trump has been egging them on with tweets reading, “LIBERATE VIRGINIA!” “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” “LIBERATE PENNSYLVANIA!” The liberate Virginia tweet came with a mandate to defend the 2nd Amendment. Technically, the members of the FKK are violating the social distancing guidelines implemented by Trump and he in turn encourages them to and maybe take up arms in the process.

Can I get treason for a thousand Alexander Hamilton?

To attempt to capture the full lunacy of Trump’s daily performances (because he still fancies himself a reality TV star who marvels at his own ratings) over the last several weeks during the so-called coronavirus press briefings, is a fool’s errand. Because only a fool could truly know the mind, or discern the mercurial rantings of the man sitting in the White House.

However, on April 22, here is the substance of Trump’s morning tweets (over the course of approximately one hour) in the midst of the coronavirus global pandemic that has to date killed more than 45,000 Americans and cost the country trillions of dollars:

(7:03 a.m.)

“Happy Birthday to the great Cindy Adams of the [Rupert Murdoch owned] New York Post. Cindy is 90, but looks 39 to me. She is going strong!”

(7:53 a.m.)

“States are safely coming back. Our Country is starting to OPEN FOR BUSINESS again. Special care is, and always will be, given to our beloved seniors (except me!). Their lives will be better than ever…WE LOVE YOU ALL!”

(8:08 a.m.)

“I have instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea.”

Members of the Flu Klux Klan, is this your king? That’s a rhetorical question; of course, he is.

Welcome to White rage 2020, the corona chronicles.

Sean Yoes is the AFRO’s Baltimore editor and the author of Baltimore After Freddie Gray: Real Stories From One of America’s Great Imperiled Cities.

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