British Conservative government’s COVID-19 disaster

This 7 June 2020 satiric video from Britain is called Matt Hancock’s Gap Yah tales as Health Secretary during a coronavirus pandemic.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain, 7 June 2020:

Matt Hancock denies government’s disastrous handling of pandemic despite growing condemnation from scientists

MATT HANCOCK shrugged off the government’s disastrous handling of the coronavirus pandemic today by insisting it had made the “right decisions at the right time” about implementing lockdown.

Despite a growing chorus of condemnation from scientists and health chiefs, the Health Secretary defended the government’s record even as the death toll continued to increase daily.

The latest critic was infectious diseases expert Professor John Edmunds, who suggested that Britain should have imposed restrictions in early March.

The Malthusian underpinnings of Boris Johnson’s “herd immunity” strategy. By Thomas Scripps, 8 June 2020. Today the toll of the pandemic is viewed by leading figures in the ruling elite as a supposedly natural “check” on sections of the population considered a drain on profits.

Johnson Getting Ready To Follow Trump, End The Lockdown And Bring In Millions Of Sackings: here.

This 1 June 2020 folk music video from Britain is called Beans on Toast – Chessington World of Adventures.

Daily The Morning Star in Britain, 7 June 2020, writes about it:

‘If you elect a clown, expect a cirus’

As the government lies through its teeth to defend the guilty and disguise a death toll completely out of control, BEANS ON TOAST voices the public fury in a damning new protest song ‘Chessington World of Adventures’

YES. Like the deceptive “daily briefings” and fudged figures we’re expected to swallow, the title of Beans’ new single is deliberately misleading too.

A world away from fun and games of its usual day-to-day activities, the theme-park-turned-coronavirus-testing-centre in Surrey was recently exposed for its severe failings to return the critical results of patients and NHS staff.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain, 7 June 2020:

Hundreds of schools rebel against government plans to reopen as infection rates begin to rise

HUNDREDS of schools in northern England are to rebel against the government and remained closed on Monday, as coronavirus infections began to increase again in the region.

Many local authorities urged schools not to reopen and teachers called on those that had not done so to follow suit.

Infections in the north-west have passed the crucial R-rate threshold of one, indicating that the number of people becoming infected was rising again.

Britain: Migrants facing barriers to healthcare during pandemic despite government reassurances of free access: here.

Covid-19 survivors forgotten and struggling. While we should welcome patients recovering from coronavirus, as I did, many are still battling health difficulties as a result of their illness, and we don’t hear their stories often enough, writes CHARLOTTE HUGHES.

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