Trump-supporting nazi flag-waving anti-Indigenous ‘Flu Klux Klan’

This 27 May 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Trump supporters wave nazi flags near Navajo reservation. John Iadarola and Allie Young Diné break it down on The Damage Report.

“This is Farmington, New Mexico – a border town (known for its history of racism against Navajo people) just miles outside of the #NavajoNation. Over 500 *RACIST* protestors gathered yesterday, proudly waving their flags of white supremacy knowing that the Navajo people are being devastated. We’ve lost 146 lives so far and they care more about haircuts and money than people and themselves. Please give a damn about your neighbors. Please give a damn about the first people of this land, who help your businesses & economy thrive. Please be decent people & CARE! …

Our tribal leaders are enforcing stricter lockdowns because they are protecting what we have left after American supremacy/colonizers decimated our populations. You are not respecting us and our efforts to help contain the spread among our people, your neighbors. You’re making our already dire situation worse for selfish reasons. (But I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised – you all compare the virus to the flu, after all.)”

10 thoughts on “Trump-supporting nazi flag-waving anti-Indigenous ‘Flu Klux Klan’

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