COVID-19 pandemic news, worldwide

This 3 June 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Can the Navajo Nation survive coronavirus? | The Stream

Native American communities are so disproportionately affected by the coronavirus that the Navajo Nation, the largest reservation in the US, has a higher per-capita infection rate than any state in the nation.

This week the tribe’s death toll reached at least 241 with as many as 5,250 people testing positive.

Stemming the tide has proven a monumental task given years of federal government neglect, a lack of running water, high rates of chronic illness and an ageing population. In an attempt to stop the spread of the virus, tribal leaders have instituted as many as seven-weekend lockdowns during which nobody was permitted to leave or enter the reservation.

Despite the challenges, younger people have stepped up and played a pivotal role in their community’s grassroots response. Many feel it’s on their shoulders to protect their elders’ lives and ensure their traditions are passed down.

In this episode of the Stream we meet people from the Navajo Nation and ask why they are so disproportionately affected and what can be done to turn the tide.

White House Coronavirus Task Force effectively ended by Trump. By Bryan Dyne, 3 June 2020. Now that all fifty states have begun reopening in some form, the pandemic is considered over by the US ruling elite even as coronavirus infections and deaths continue to climb.

TRUMP: RNC WILL PULL CONVENTION FROM NORTH CAROLINA Trump said the Republican National Committee would relocate its upcoming nominating convention from North Carolina after the state’s governor refused to guarantee that tens of thousands of people could gather in an indoor arena during the coronavirus pandemic. “Governor [Roy] Cooper is still in Shelter-In-Place Mode, and not allowing us to occupy the arena as originally anticipated and promised,” Trump tweeted. [HuffPost]

HOW THE REPUBLICANS BECAME THE PARTY OF DEATH PANELS The phrase “death panels” became part of America’s political vocabulary in 2009, when Republicans were trying to stop the legislation that eventually became the Affordable Care Act. Now another national debate is taking place about how to open up businesses in the country amid a coronavirus pandemic that has already killed more than 102,000 people, many of them elderly and unwell, and is sure to kill many more. On one side is a group of people who act as if ― and occasionally even say ― that returning to normality requires tolerating mass deaths among some of society’s most vulnerable groups. [HuffPost]

I had coronavirus months ago. I didn’t expect to still be struggling now.

Canadian farm and industrial worksites become new coronavirus hotspots. By Carl Bronski, 3 June 2020. The reckless back-to-work drive across Canada is already producing new outbreaks of the potentially deadly coronavirus.

Canada’s governments ignored 2006 pandemic preparedness report. By Dylan Lubao, 3 June 2020. The 550-page “Canadian Pandemic Influenza Plan for the Health Sector” is further proof that the COVID-19 pandemic was both foreseeable and foreseen.

Australian schools affected by new coronavirus clusters. By Patrick Kelly, 3 June 2020. The cases have exposed state and federal government claims, both Labor and Liberal, that teachers, staff and children are safe to return to school.

Oppose the premature lifting of COVID-19 safety restrictions! By the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 3 June 2020. The Socialist Equality Party opposes the profit-driven “back-to-work” campaign as the global COVID-19 pandemic worsens and fresh outbreaks appear across the country.

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