48 thoughts on “Profits first, coronavirus patients, die, Trump says

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  2. Today, congressional leaders are battling over a bill that addresses funding for the coronavirus epidemic and election protection.

    As of right now, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is ignoring the call of hundreds of civil rights organizations to include key protections that will allow Americans to vote safely in our upcoming elections.*

    Negotiations are ongoing and we have another chance to get this right — but with more votes expected soon, your senators need to hear from you TODAY.

    This is urgent. Click here to tell your congressional leaders they must include critical election protections to allow Americans to vote safely in the face of this pandemic.

    Here’s what we’re calling on our government to fund in any coronavirus response to protect our elections:**

    No-excuse absentee voting-by-mail.
    Extended early in-person voting period.
    Online voter registration and same-day voter registration.
    Voter education to inform the public of new practices and immediately quash disinformation.

    Can we count on you to help protect our democracy in the face of the coronavirus? Click here to make sure your congressional leaders know where you stand in this fight.

    There’s nothing like a crisis to demonstrate how much our elections — and their consequences — matter. With your help, we can make sure that come Election Day 2020, every voter can make their voice heard — and that no person has to choose between their health and their right to vote.

    Time is of the essence. Please, make your voice heard before the next vote. >>

    With you in struggle,
    Sherrilyn A. Ifill
    President and Director-Counsel


  3. With COVID-19 continuing to change how we live our lives, states must take immediate steps to ensure safe elections.

    What that means is instituting Vote By Mail for all remaining primaries. Doing so will keep Americans safe, ensure that candidates get an opportunity to advance, and, most importantly, develop a working model now to prevent Donald Trump from scratching his authoritarian itch and trying to postpone the general election in November.

    Add your name now to demand that all states put the health of Americans and our democracy first and immediately institute Vote By Mail!


    Kansas Democrats are already moving in this direction, and we need the remaining states and territories with more than 30 presidential and congressional primaries to join them, even if primaries are delayed into June.

    We need it for Bernie Sanders and the thousands of progressive candidates that remain in upcoming primaries. Electing Bernie delegates is important in so many ways including the selection of the party platform and rules committees where 164 members will be added to each by the candidates in proportion to the final results. For example 25% of the platform committee can file a minority report, and Bernie will easily have that when the primaries are completed.

    The bottom line is this: democracy matters most, and we can’t give Trump any excuse to cancel November. That’s why states need to act now and show that they can do this.

    Sign here if you agree that all remaining primary states should switch to Vote By Mail!

    In solidarity,

    Larry Cohen
    Board Chair, Our Revolution


  4. Right now, the U.S. Senate is debating a coronavirus relief bill that hands hundreds of billions to big corporations like the airline and cruise ship industries while giving low-income people almost nothing.

    Under Senator Mitch McConnell’s proposal, the lowest-income workers would get as little as $600. And single moms are especially short-changed. Believe it or not, a married couple with no kids may receive more help from this bill than a single mom with two kids.1

    The details in this bill are changing fast, but it’s obvious that we need to send a message loud and clear to Congress that they need to focus on people, not big corporations.

    Will you rush an emergency donation to turn up the heat on Congress? We’ll use your money to help flood Congress with phone calls and run digital ads telling members of Congress that they must take action to protect women and low-income people during this pandemic.

    As proposed, the newest relief legislation would give the most vulnerable–people already experiencing severe economic insecurity–a one-time payment of just $600. A single person making $75,000 a year would get twice as much as someone scraping by on $20,000 a year or less.2

    And there’s nothing in the bill focusing on the fact that women are suffering the most. With schools and daycare centers closed, single moms are desperately scrambling to keep their heads above water.

    But Sen. McConnell and Donald Trump only care about big corporations, not everyday people.

    Not only does this bill shortchange women and low-income people and give billions to corporations, it does almost nothing to hold corporations accountable. According to Senator Elizabeth Warren, the latest version of the bill includes no requirement that companies maintain payroll or benefits, no serious restrictions on stock buybacks, no reductions on executive pay, and no ongoing oversight.3

    This bill could pass by the end of the day today. Our elected representatives in Washington need to know that we demand that they support policy that helps all their constituents weather this pandemic as best we can.

    If we can flood Congress with phone calls and target members with ads, we can make sure they know they will be held accountable if they do not value our lives, health, and futures. That’s the kind of pressure that can get even the most corrupt Republican to demand help for their constituents, not just corporate donors.

    Donate now to help launch an urgent push to stop the corporate bailouts and demand the help that low-income people and single moms desperately need in this crisis.

    –Shaunna, Kat, Kathy, Anathea, Sonja, Melody, Lindsay, Pam, Maria, Kimberly, and Katie, the UltraViolet Action team


    1. Senate Republicans’ cash assistance plan is far too limited, Vox, March 20, 2020

    2. Ibid.

    3. Elizabeth Warren, Twitter, March 22, 2020

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  5. Today Republican senators were yelling in the Senate chamber that Democrats needed to stampede pass the bill that they drafted after excluding input from those same Democrats. We desperately need to get the American people masks and ventilators and tests, they shouted.

    The person they really need to be browbeating is Donald Trump, who still, still has not actually triggered the Defense Production Act, to mobilize industry to maximize manufacturing of just those same things. Trump fiddles while fevers in America burn.

    We called Trump out in our last message for lying, when pressed by a reporter, that he had already dragooned “a lot” of companies in this way. But now he has finally admitted that he has done no such thing, and has no intention of doing so. Imagine that, a supposed “wartime” leader who has proven himself incapable of pulling the trigger on any kind of leadership.

    And the reason Trump is refusing to exercise his lawful power to take control of our national industrial machinery is because the corporate elites don’t play that. Or as they might say on the street in certain neighborhoods of New York City, “Hey, watch with the regulation, we’re price gouging here.” It’s the same old anti-regulation, maximize corporate profits at the expense of the public interest, thing.

    Trump’s callous message to the states is that they are on their own. And they are even now paying ten times the list price to get the relatively few masks they can find, desperately competing against each other. No Senate bill, even if passed yesterday, would quickly get those masks moving at a fair price. That’s a power only Trump effectively holds, and he is refusing to exercise it. What’s a new bill passed supposed to do, when Trump won’t even faithfully execute existing law?

    Even more ominously, Dr. Anthony Fauci was clearly suddenly disinvited from Trump’s stand in campaign rally in the White House briefing room, where his ad libs had gotten so off the point that the networks ending up just cutting the live feed today. And considering that we broached the threat of a “police state” in our last message, guess who was there instead for the first time . . . his consigliere, Attorney General Barr.

    Fauci was no longer there because Trump is “frustrated” (according to reliable reporting) with the way he was constantly trying to correct Trump’s lies, even as meekly as Fauci was doing it. The truth . . . you’re fired.

    Trump axes anyone who tells him anything he does not want to hear. He’s been systematically purging competent people from our government for 3 years, which is precisely why our federal response is so broken now. Even as infections and death tolls escalate in America, Trump is still suggesting we might all be able to go right back to business as usual next week.

    The answer is not to give Treasury Secretary Mnuchin a 500 billion dollar slush fund to pump into the pockets of rich campaign contributors, with no effective congressional oversight whatsoever. Seriously, what kind of bill did you expect Republicans to write after declaring that first they were going to do their own legislative thing, and then trying to bum rush it through on panic emergency grounds?

    Trump declared a drop dead national emergency over his vain, ineffectual pet border wall project. Now we have a real national emergency, perhaps the biggest ever, and not only is he not demonstrating leadership, he can’t even demonstrate any followship, other than following the most inane commentators in right wing media.

    Trump’s response to one question last week was that it depended on whether we got the best case scenario or the worst case scenario.

    Trump is himself the absolute worst case scenario to have in charge of anything right now. At a time when we dearly need a Lincoln or FDR at the helm, we have an ignorant, cowardly, lying orange Bozo behind the podium behind the presidential seal.

    The only thing that might save some of us is the valiant leadership we are seeing at the state level, without any real federal coordination. It could never be anything more than a partial substitute.

    As a consequence, America is pretty much as f’d as a porn star right now . . . without protection. You know, the way Donald Trump likes it.

    And if you are inspired to make a contribution of any amount to support this work, you can use the link below, and you can even make it recurrent by checking the box for that.

    The People’s Email Network, PO Box 35022, L.A., CA 90035


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    Giving COVID-19 relief funds to some of the nation’s biggest polluters is unthinkable as working families are in crisis, but the Trump administration is floating bailouts for oil and fracking companies right now. We’ve got to fight against this with EVERYTHING we’ve got, so we’re setting a 20,000 signature goal: Tell Congress now that NO money to bail out Big Oil should be a part of ANY COVID-19 relief bill »

    Lola — this story is developing quickly. The Trump administration and a group of anti-environment Republican members of Congress are pushing to use the next COVID-19 relief bill to bail out Big Oil and fracking companies.

    The fossil fuel industry ALREADY receives $13 BILLION a year in subsidies from taxpayers, despite being one of the main drivers of the climate crisis and toxic pollution that is jeopardizing the health of our communities, especially communities of color and low-wealth communities.

    Any bills passed by Congress right now for COVID-19 relief should focus on protecting our health and providing economic relief for the families and small businesses who need it most — NOT helping dirty and polluting industries. The investments we make now will impact our health, communities, and planet — that’s why we need your help now, Lola.

    A vote could happen later today, and we need 20,000 LCV supporters like you to sign right away. Send a message to Congress while we can still influence this bill: Absolutely NO bailout for Big Oil »

    President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have long shown that they believe that the profits of Big Polluters come before people — especially communities of color and low-wealth communities who have for so long borne the brunt of toxic pollution due to systemic racism and injustice. Now, these same communities are disproportionately at risk of the COVID-19 pandemic and Trump and McConnell’s approach to this unprecedented crisis is, sadly, no different.

    We can still stop them, Lola — negotiations are still underway.

    There are so many ways we could address the effects of COVID-19 pandemic that address these legacies of environmental injustice to protect families’ health, invest in growing an equitable clean energy economy and solve the climate crisis, rather than exacerbate these crises. We could use this opportunity to improve public health in all communities, starting with cleaning up air and water in communities of color that bear the burden of industrial pollution. We could end our reliance on fossil fuels and expand support for workers to transition to jobs in the clean energy economy.

    Simply put: This is what our country should be investing in, not allowing toxic industries to protect their bottom line during a devastating global crisis. Fossil fuel companies already receive BILLIONS in taxpayer dollars to spew carbon and perpetuate environmental racism. We can’t let Congress bend to pressure from Big Polluters and the Trump administration: Can you act now, while you can still influence negotiations?

    There isn’t much time for our voices to be heard: Tell Congress now that Big Oil companies shouldn’t receive a single cent of bailout money!

    I know it’s a frightening and uncertain time, Lola. Thank you for contacting your representatives and ensuring that Congress listens to the needs of people, not polluters. All of us at LCV hope you and your loved ones stay healthy during this difficult time.

    Thank you for all that you do.

    Elizabeth Jacob
    Associate Digital Campaigns Manager
    League of Conservation Voters


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